Inquiring Brands Want to Know Search, Customer Behavior, Mobile App Automation: : Bombora Company Surge(R), Merkle

Search engines” was the No. 1 trending topic among brands in recent weeks — as measured by Bombora Company Surge(R) — signaling an intent to derive insights from search efforts in order to optimize one’s online marketing efforts to the fullest degree possible.

Not long after the first internet search engine, Archie, was released in 1990, the practice we know as SEO, or search-engine optimization, began. Search has always played an important role in how we market individuals and brands. With customer experience often overtaking product and price as a key differentiator for buyers, the ability to tap into customer and market insights through search to inform a continuous experience and reduce redundancy will help unlock the full value of digital advertising while realizing your business and campaign goals.

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“Intent data show brand marketers also actively researching ‘customer behavior,’ which rose sharply mid-July, according to Bombora Company Surge(R).”

— Merkle B2B CEO Michael McLaren

Intent data shows brand marketers also actively researching “customer behavior,” which rose sharply mid-July. A much-discussed topic at the height of the pandemic, marketers are still trying to make sense of which habits will outlast the COVID-19-disrupted economy, as well as which factors will drive post-pandemic customer behavior.

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And finally, “mobile app automation” was up this week. This refers to the process and tools used to automate testing on mobile apps. Mobile app downloads have grown by 23.3% YoY specifically in the work-from-home, food delivery, and fitness segments. Similarly, estimated spending on the App Store and Google Play grew an upwards of 31% when compared to the same period in 2019. This growth reflects COVID-19’s continuing impact on consumer spending on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps as well as a lift in their adoption around the globe.

Marketers can expect to see virtual, AI, and digital maintain their pandemic-induced popularity into the near future. As a result, they will need to double down on innovative, mobile-friendly ad formats in social, search, and video which are key to engaging audiences and cutting through the clutter.

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