SmarterHQ Expands into Mobile With App Data Collection and Push Messaging

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SmarterHQ, a leading personalization platform, announced that it has launched two key capabilities, App Data Collect and Mobile Push Messaging, that will help brands easily and flexibly incorporate mobile into their cross-channel marketing strategy.

Mobile commerce saw a 48.1% growth year-over-year last Cyber Monday, and more than 90% of time spent on smartphones is spent in-app, according to recent industry research reports. Mobile app users are highly engaged, valuable customers, presenting unique opportunities for brands to drive loyalty and conversion. But marketers face many challenges with leveraging mobile. It’s often siloed from other channels, app data is not easily unified across campaigns, and when it comes to powering push notifications, many solutions don’t take a holistic approach to personalization—making it hard to deliver compelling, consistent experiences that keep customers shopping.

SmarterHQ’s expansion into mobile solves these common challenges, allowing B2C marketers to immediately collect and activate the behavior of mobile app users in their platform via App Data Collect, and easily combine the app data with web and offline sources to automate relevant content across channels, now including Mobile Push. Clients can now coordinate mobile campaigns alongside email, web, and more to ensure the most relevant communications are sent to the right customers on the right channel.

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A recent survey conducted by SmarterHQ revealed that 74% of consumers say push notifications can be annoying. “This is primarily due to too many notifications and the fact that marketers aren’t incorporating the right solutions to better understand customers and deliver accurate messages that are aware of their various touchpoints with a brand,” said Michael Osborne, President & CEO of SmarterHQ. “With our expanded mobile capabilities, brands can now send notifications that consumers actually want to receive because we take into account their full cross-channel behavior and history. So if someone browses a TV on a website and purchases via the app or even in-store, they won’t receive push notifications over the next few days urging them to buy that same TV. Instead, they might get notifications for accessories and complementary products.”

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“SmarterHQ connects all of our data sources together and activates personalized messages across our marketing channels,” said Victor Chemtob, Director of CRM & Customer Engagement, Sam’s Club. “We started with email and due to our success there, we’ve extended that success into mobile push. SmarterHQ’s solution made it easy for us to extract actionable customer data and integrate with our push channel partner.”

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