Squaretalk Launches Express A New Multi-channel Messaging Platform

Squaretalk, a global interactive business communications platform, has announced the launch of its multi-channel messaging service Express, enabling businesses and contact centers to connect with customers wherever they are, through any device, on their preferred platform. Starting with SMS, the platform will soon include WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat.

By integrating with Express, businesses have access to a simple to use, flexible platform for automating messaging campaigns, as well as access to a number of features that greatly improve the customer experience, such as a track of message delivery, two-factor authentication (2FA), insights into customer support and marketing campaigns, delivery of financial reports, call back meeting reminders and package delivery updates. Additionally, through SMS or call back customers worldwide can confirm or reschedule appointments, rate services, and confirm trading operations, which improves customer interaction.

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According to a study by business software and services review G2, by the end of last year, close to 48.7 million consumers would have willingly opted-in to receive SMS communications from their favorite brands, a number that reflects the effectiveness of text marketing with SMS open rates as high as 98%. Moreover, the research findings state that 60% of customers want to actively text businesses back about customer support issues and 83% of customers want to receive appointment reminders via text, but only 20% of businesses offer this service, which is why it is essential for businesses wanting to thrive to offer a simple, slick and effective messaging service to its customers.

Elie Rubin, CEO at Squaretalk said: “Squaretalk has always strived to offer valuable solutions to its clients and to be at the cutting edge of the industry. The launch of Express is a response to increasing customer demand, as instant messaging has quickly become a preferred method for consumers to communicate with brands. The initial rollout of the service has been incredibly positive with some of our clients achieving over 90% message open rate with campaign targeting, and we’re excited to continue to develop the product over the coming months.”

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Squaretalk is a global interactive business communications platform providing voice, text, chat, and messaging solutions. It delivers no-code, real-time integration capabilities that allow organizations to seamlessly knit together all of their IT solutions, platforms, and tools, enabling them to improve customer communications and driving customer loyalty while keeping their workforce engaged. Proven in the most complex customer contact center environments, Squaretalk is simpler, quicker, and more effective across organizations.