aytm Launches Solutions Center, a Growing Library of Tools, Tests, and Templates That Span Every Stage of the Research Lifecycle

aytm (Ask Your Target Market), the leading consumer insights platform for some of the world’s most notable brands, creative agencies, and marketing consultancies, has announced the launch of their comprehensive Solutions Center marketplace.

The new Solutions Center is built to empower researchers with a collection of agile and adaptable tools. It features expert-automated templates (Xpert Solutions) and fully customizable research tests. It will become the go-to place to browse all of aytm’s offerings that meet researchers’ unique needs.

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Solutions to empower every research initiative

Focusing on a commitment to empower more agile research, aytm has built a wide selection of expert-crafted solutions geared towards helping the curious directly engage technology to explore, evolve, and innovate in real-time. aytm’s Solution Center is a convenient way to browse a comprehensive collection of research tests—varying in research objective, scope, and inputs. These solution types include:

DIY Solutions give users the ability to view an example led by survey design best practices, review and program their own survey, get their raw data, and leverage aytm’s powerful analytics dashboard.

Service Solutions allow users to have their survey designed and programmed by aytm’s experts—customized to achieve their unique research goals. After fielding, they’ll get a custom report that delivers all the insights to their research questions.

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In addition, the Solutions Center includes Xpert Solutions, a new and growing collection of expert-automated research tests that are now available to everyone. These solutions are finally coming out of Beta after being tested and loved by some of the top researchers at some of the world’s largest and most renowned brands.

Xpert Solutions allow users to add concepts, define a few settings, and let aytm’s automation do the rest. Xpert Solutions use best practices to streamline the research process, automatically generating a report after fielding surveys and populating answers to the users’ research questions.

“Xpert Solutions brings all the trusted best-practices in survey design and data analysis to automated research.  Simply upload your materials, make a few configuration decisions, and the rest of the work is done for you. Current offerings allow concept, ad, pricing, and claims testing to be done quickly and efficiently.”

–  Julia Maier, PhD, Xpert Solutions Product Manager at aytm

Access advanced research capabilities with ease

The various tests available in the Solutions Center are designed to help minimize the manual effort needed to find actionable insights. With a fully accessible library of advanced tools and automated research, aytm is reimagining what a market research platform can offer—including solutions that span every stage of research, from product development to market landscape, consumer experience, advertising and messaging, brand insights, business strategy, and beyond.

By aggregating all of these solutions into a singular hub, aytm is making it simple for users to search solutions by keywords, categories, or solution type and filter by stimuli, analytic method, or research areas.

With the release of aytm’s Solutions Center, insights seekers can inform their businesses of key consumer purchase drivers, motivations and triggers, influencers, and more. Now they can advance their ideas immediately while leaning on aytm’s robust platform to provide everything they need along their journey.

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