Creating a Targeted Campaign Using Video

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which reality corresponds to your deepest desires almost as soon as you start entertaining them. Something along the lines of getting back home from work while cursing your car dealer and, suddenly, your digital device starts displaying video content featuring links to corresponding competitive solutions. You decide to dismiss it as a fluke or a figment of your imagination, so you try to cure exhaustion by watching a favorite TV show and dreaming of crunchy pizza when, all of a sudden, the TV itself informs you of a newly opened joint in your vicinity during the commercial break. Scene from an episode of the venerable Twilight Zone or the world of future? It depends on your perception, but targeted video advertising is here to stay and it promises a marketing revolution.

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Video Advertising in Post-TV Age

Few years ago, many balked at the prophecy made by Robert Kyncl, YouTube Chief Business Officer, who said that 90 percent of online traffic will consist of video, while 75 percent of it would be digital. Kyncl stuck to his guns and recently went even beyond that, saying that digital video would overtake TV as the pillar of our information and entertainment worlds.

Whatever you plan to do, this is the right time to enrich your business model with online video advertising which, for the first time, overtook the TV ad industry in terms of revenues in 2016 and the trend is set to explode in the next five years. Video itself is in the center of this Copernican turn as it will see annual double digit growth in the same period in the US. The reason for this is as simple as it gets: every demographic consumes digital video in all formats, the only difference being the hours they invest in it. Currently, an average figure for this is six hours per day.


And make no mistake, the time spent in this manner is indispensable to all consumers, therefore creating a targeted campaign with the help of video involves striking a balance between being both brief and highly relevant and practical. Let us consider some of the finer points of achieving this delicate measure.

Journey Begins by Getting into Right Shoes

Video advertising takes place across the ever expanding range of channels, from traditional websites to smart TVs and social networks to the booming mobile sector. All of these make it possible for brand owners to reach their potential leads by means of various platforms and they all want a piece of this “holy grail”. Therefore, you need to plan ahead with all of these platforms in mind, if you are to reach users who gather information about their potential purchases via numerous sources. Based on gathered data on the users’ needs, a video campaign is organized around offering video content corresponding to the future needs of its clients. A case in point could be our guy from the beginning whose needs initially turn to desires that, in turn, immediately translate into concrete solutions. Therefore, trying to reach into his or someone else’s proverbial shoes is the first step in tracing his buyer’s journey by means of your targeted campaign

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Good Ghost or a Travelling Salesman?

Yet, you should bear in mind that, despite the predicted and actual domination of our media by video, you can hardly allow yourself to be careless or even aggressive in presenting it. Avoiding being perceived as intrusive is the key to earning your client’s trust. Once more, targeting your customers plays an essential role as you want your video to stay as relevant as possible and not offer a steak to a committed vegan or pizza to an Italian. All of these should trace user’s entire path of conversion in the manner more similar to a good ghost instead of traveling salesman of the past. If you want to intrude on their path, particularly if you misidentified it in the first place, you will only draw their resentment.

Therefore, selecting the exact user for a video presentation of product and service you offer is the key to their conversion into customers. At the same time, even if you stalk their path as lightly as possible, you still want to offer them control and skip the content which, despite being interesting or targeted, simply fails to impress them on their bad hair day. Finally, even if you are unsure as per “why” of the problem, you want to actually know “when” this interaction took place and for how long if you are to improve your performance next time and that is why we need measuring tools.

Robocop to the Rescue

Robocop to the Rescue

So, you feel a little apprehensive when considering all of ins and outs of managing a successful video advertising campaign? The solution comes in two-pronged video advertising and self service campaign management solution offered by MemeVideo. These tools are aimed at publishers, developers, and individuals engaged in digital advertising. If this is not awesome in itself, consider that one of them is named Robocop 1.3 and it will stop at nothing in making your targeted video campaigns authoritative and reliable. It does so by serving as an automated platform that directs traffic to designated tags, creating a focused digital campaign that will better maximize your business’ returns. It removes campaign managers out of the picture, so you are left with savings created by cutting costs.

This solution is complemented by its second component in form of the Outstream Hybrid tool that turns every website into a trove of premium video and publisher’s content. Remember what we said about being unobtrusive yet efficient? Outstream Hybrid takes user experience to the next level through easily viewable and unobtrusive video ads.

Tools of the Trade

Easy viewability, precise user targeting and keeping track of the process in form of measurements remain three key points of contemporary approach to digital video advertising as the future marketing of choice. However, in the abundance of forking paths to success, it is as important to avoid being swamped by the need to take care of all the aspects of managing successful targeted video campaign. Finding the right tools to bring your vision to completion makes for half of the journey, both for you and your future customers.

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