Future Predictions for Programmatic Messaging in 2022 and Beyond

By: Stephen Hoelper, President, North America, Doceree

Programmatic messaging was a benefactor of the pandemic as virtual communication strategies evolved between brands and their target audience. Now, digital ad spending worldwide is projected to rise by 15.2% in 2022 to reach $524.31 billion. The growth of programmatic messaging will continue to expand across the digital ecosystem as companies move beyond hollow metrics and progress with measurement technologies that connect communications to deliver business outcomes. In 2022, the sector will invest in building a stronger infrastructure to scale programmatic operations. Further, the utilization of AI solutions will supply marketers with data analytics to elevate the accuracy of automated campaigns. Thus, these activities will be taking place in the programmatic space in 2022 and beyond.

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Alternative solutions will be tested and examined to replace third-party cookies

New alterative identifier technologies will be researched, tested and examined this year in preparation for the deprecation of third-party cookies. There isn’t going to be an end all be all solution, so marketers are going to be assessing a multitude of identifier tools to ensure their programmatic campaigns don’t falter without cookies to ensure messaging efforts can still reach the appropriate audience. As the significance of first-party data becomes more pivotal for the programmatic ecosystem to deliver effective exchanges without third-party cookies, marketers will focus on identifier technologies to align with to pinpoint their target audience for campaigns.

While the delay until late 2023 to phase out third-party cookies is welcomed by the industry, this year will be a crucial time for publishers and the advertising industry to refine digital efforts while providing protection for a person’s data privacy. During 2022, the category will gain a more comprehensive understanding of how data usage will evolve to not diminish revenue while adhering to the privacy standards. Also, with the third-party cookie deprecation looming, expect to see brands to seek ways to maximize the use of their first-party data.

Transparency to become a focal point for programmatic initiatives

The demand for data transparency is going to continue to rise as data protection for the privacy of individuals, so marketers will continue to refine tactics to navigate regulations to deliver personalized communications. Further, individuals are going to be more selective to opt-in for digital communications from brands. Therefore, organizations will have to be forthright with the data usage of their target audience to present value for individuals to opt-in to receive messages. Also, marketers will embrace the visibility of metrics that lead to business outcomes. Moving forward, organizations are going to favor data points that associate interactions that are driving results for the company. With knowledge pertaining to which communications are effective, marketers will seek to better utilize data analytics to implement efficient programmatic campaigns.

More industry collaborations to elevate identity graphs 

While most brands don’t have the reach across digital networks to develop a private identity graph, the necessity to accurately identify audiences without cookies will drive collaborations in the space. Also, marketers will invest more resources towards the development of innovative tools to improve identity resolution technologies to better facilitate programmatic efforts. Further, marketers will utilize data clean rooms more frequently in 2022 to collect data pertaining to their target audience and execute more granular analysis into the reach and performance of messages in preparation for the loss of third-party cookies.

High-speed internet will drive telehealth communications 

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital platforms being used by healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. 5G and high-speed satellite internet will elevate the usage of telehealth platforms and programmatic initiatives will follow the unprecedented speeds being available to patients via their mobile and wearable devices. The higher internet speeds will eliminate any holdups for videos being shown within telehealth platform. The use of virtual mediums will raise the opportunity for life sciences brands to collect more data points about HCPs to tailor exchanges deployed to prescribers. Consequently, with the amplified bandwidth, life sciences brands will employ more educational videos as part of their interactions with HCPs in telehealth networks.

Personalization to get accentuated in programmatic messages

Personalization is going to be a central point to drive the performance of campaigns. With new audience targeting technologies being tested in the sector, marketers are going to examine more solutions that empower them to obtain data points to personalize messages in an informative manner to execute dynamic campaigns. As the use of wearable devices spreads, the data metrics available to comprehend the health and lifestyle habits of an individual will enhance the insights that are derived to drive the performance of communications across virtual channels. Therefore, look for marketers to leverage data analytics collected via wearable devices to deliver tailored communications to their target audience that will boost the ROI of programmatic initiatives.

AI and personalization will remain an emphasis to advance programmatic communications this year. More investments will bring sophisticated AI and identifier tools into the market to better connect brands with their target audience. Without a universal identifier available, alternative solutions will remain a point of focus for the programmatic sector as the category continues to evolve to elevate the effectiveness of the online messaging ecosystem.

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