Why Intuitive Learning Technology Is More Important Now Than Ever

The recent impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has shifted business operations across all industries. Now, more than ever, remote communication has become critical to stay afloat. Communication in the form of learning and development remains just as important today as it did before this unprecedented crisis struck industries nationwide.

Effective learning starts with creating a foundation for ‘every day-learning’, which holds particular significance in today’s current climate. Supporting workers’ growth despite these uncertain circumstances will determine how businesses ultimately survive through and emerge out of this time of crisis.  

Connectivity Is the Only Way to Facilitate Growth

Creating opportunities for peer-to-peer learning is challenging, especially when workers are unable to connect in a traditional office setting. Especially during this time, where the future of workers’ businesses or industries may be in flux, it’s critical to provide resources that help them work and learn together to maintain momentum and productivity.

Unsurprisingly, the demand for connectivity has increased significantly over the last month. Social apps have seen major increases in usage, including WhatsApp, which saw a 40 percent increase in the last month alone. Businesses need to respond to this demand by offering that same ease of access to tools that support organic and frequent touchpoints within teams. Tools like Docebo’s Discover, Coach & Share offer great examples of how businesses can mimic the convenience and connectivity that social apps offer. 

For example, Docebo’s platform enables organizations to share informal internal knowledge, while also powering users to discover and share information from external sources with peers – all within a single application. That ability to toggle between various content within one platform, and connect and share along the way, is what makes social applications so addictive. Businesses can offer this same level of ease and access through investing in intuitive learning technology that’s capable of fostering those same connections.

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The ‘Twitter-Effect’ in Learning

With so many workers mandated to stay at home, many businesses are seeing their daily operations go on pause – but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop too. Businesses may not be able to compensate or support their workers momentarily right now, but one thing they can always provide is guidance. Ensuring workers have the resources to learn, communicate and continue to grow, despite external circumstances, remains paramount.  

When it comes to enhancing learning and upskilling during this time, the power of AI is boundless. AI-powered learning tools enable companies that might not have the resources and hours to power quality learning experiences – let alone track their effectiveness – to foster ‘anywhere’ learning that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Utilizing AI to, for example, track learner preferences and recommend content based on those interests, is a primary way social apps like Twitter and Instagram create customized experiences for their userbases. Learning technology is capable of creating those same personalized user experiences. Leveraging the power of AI, learning tools can help users discover, interact and discuss learning content with peers in the same way they’d be able to with social content. 

Digital access and connectivity are the backbone of powerful learning and development. Although instructor-led courses aren’t possible right now, the reality is that this approach to learning is not as effective as digital experiences.

Companies looking to support remote learning right now have the potential to react to the needs of individual employees and create meaningful, connected learning experiences. Now more than ever, businesses need to understand the importance of investing in technology that’s capable of doing just that. 

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