Online Advertising – How to Make It 100% Effective?

Over the past few years, social networks for business have become an indispensable advertising tool. No surprise that companies spend $68 billion on advertising on social networks and Instagram accounts for a share of $6.8 billion. Big brands are willing to give advice and share the success of their campaigns on Instagram, but for small businesses, the effectiveness of Instagram advertising is not always obvious. Will it work out if the budget is small? Can you compete with other brands? Can multiple advertisements have a significant effect? The answer is definitely positive.


Today we will figure out what Instagram advertising strategy should be so that each advertising dollar brings results. Let’s see how to make your brand recognizable to the target audience, no matter if they checked out hide my IP guide or not. In any case, it should be highly effective and profitable.

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Define a Strategy

Lack of planning when launching advertising campaigns is one of the most frequent mistakes of all the brands. Campaigns must have specific goals and a vector of development. It is necessary to clearly decide what exactly you are promoting, what results in you want to achieve, and how you will measure these results.

Mix with the Crowd

Native advertising on Instagram is better than ordinary ones. The more accurate it is integrated, the better the response will be, and the sooner you will get new customers. The 45% of users are annoyed by advertising in social networks, and if you advertise head-on, the chances of failure are great.


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Make a Video

By 2021, 81% of the global Internet traffic will be generated from video, and Instagram is going to be one of the main sources. In 2018, the platform launched IGTV, a built-in tool for long vertical videos and adds more new options for dynamic stories. All this affects the format of advertising – in 2017, 50% of companies were going to spend their budgets on video advertising on Instagram. And these campaigns will be targeted towards both those hiding IP address and not hiding when being online.

Test Everything

The strategy may be good, but it is not a good idea to limit yourself. Try something new and experiment. The main thing is to analyze how successful new attempts are and whether new campaigns should be built around them. You can run a campaign with UGC and see what happens. Try re-targeting as well. People who already know about your brand will react to ads in a different way. Maybe you will spend much on the test stage for those who hide their traffic, but the results of these experiments will improve your campaigns in the future.

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