Interview with Kate Hammett, Head of Global Partnerships, Red Box

Kate Hammett

“We believe we are entering a voice-first world, where consumerization meets the enterprise, where virtual assistants enable our workforce to be smarter, freeing the agent to focus on more personalized voice-based interactions.”

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What were your key takeaways from Dreamforce 2018?

With over 170,000 people attending Dreamforce, the city was taken over by Salesforce and one message resonated: The opportunity to maximize the value of data that is pumped into Salesforce. It’s no longer just a CRM platform, with the constantly evolving native capability and a wide range of solutions, including those available through partners on the AppExchange, the platform delivers intelligence. It provides a 360-degree view of the customer while producing workflows that significantly increase employee efficiencies and fundamentally glean insight into customer behaviors and also informing product and marketing strategies.

How are Red Box and Salesforce working together?  

We both realize the power is in collaboration. The best solutions come from multiple partners where their products integrate seamlessly, delivering best customer and user outcomes.

What sessions were you most excited about? 

To see the power behind Einstein was exciting. Integrating with marketing cloud (as well as sales and service cloud), you really can get smarter with customers. Tools are embedded into the platform allowing for predictive journeys to be personalized. To showcase their capability, Marriott Hotels use Salesforce as the platform to deliver cross-channel experiences, leading with voice as their preferred communication method to provide an individual customer experience, analyzing their behavior and preferences for future marketing. AI will enable organizations to serve their customers in a personalized way and empower augmented employees.

Can you give a general overview of how the Red Box Voice Data Controller Application works?

The Voice Data Controller fuels the best agent and customer experience by enabling secure and accurate mapping of voice conversations to contacts, accounts and leads within Salesforce, ensuring complete visibility of customer interactions in a central location easily accessible by call agents, sales managers and compliance teams alike.

What is unique about Red Box’s Software? 

Insights reside everywhere across the organization but gaining access to unstructured voice data sets is challenging. The Red Box platform is extremely robust and captures voice from any telephony system, legacy and new. Thanks to advances in transcription and Machine Learning the accuracy of transcribed voice data sets has significantly improved, enabling customers to unlock the value of voice conversations taking place across the organization. Our open API strategy and the fact that our customers have complete data sovereignty, ensures voice data turns into knowledge that turns into impact through integration into a wide partner ecosystem.

What are your predictions for the future of voice in the enterprise?

Unlocking the most valuable datasets and analyzing through powerful machines, will allow for more personal and improved customer experiences, enhanced employee engagements and better-informed product development and marketing strategies. We believe we are entering a voice-first world, where consumerization meets the enterprise, where virtual assistants enable our workforce to be smarter and more efficient by responding to common queries, freeing the agent to focus on more complex and personalized voice-based interactions, increasing customers satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Thank you, Kate! That was fun and hope to see you back on MarTech Series soon.

Over 20 years experience in IT industry with full understanding of the channel model having heldpositions within vendor, distribution and reseller. Managing and delivering strategic planning throughpartnerships, translating logic and strategy into true revenue generating programs.


Red Box is the world’s leading dedicated voice specialist and the only technology company capable of capturing all voice communications across global enterprises, SMEs and across new and legacy systems. With the most open and connected platform, we enable the capture of all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source – without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure and backed by unrivalled resilience and service excellence. Our customers retain complete voice data sovereignty and access always, and connect to the broadest partner ecosystem in the industry to maximise the value of captured voice data. Extensive pre-integration means our solution is quick to deploy, enabling the capture of all conversations across your organisation as part of a voice and AI strategy.

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