MarTech Interview with Chris Savio, Director of Product Marketing at GoTo 

Chris Savio, Director of Product Marketing at GoTo catches up with MarTech Series to discuss a few SMB marketing tips and best practices:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat, Chris, tell us about yourself and more about your role at GoTo… 

As Director of Product Marketing, I help shape the strategy for GoTo Resolve, Rescue and our other Remote Solutions Group products, and own the development and implementation of the go-to-market plans for these offerings. My goal is to better reach small and medium sized businesses to help them succeed by bringing together the tools they need to engage, overcome problems, and fix issues faster. It’s my job to truly listen to and understand our customers, and by driving customer-centric research we can gather unique insights to inform the next exciting wave of product innovations.

We’d love to hear more about some of GoTo’s recent innovations/enhancements and how that impacts users?

GoTo has always focused on making solutions easy to access, intuitive, and fast to deploy. That’s been the driving force behind all of our product updates and innovations, and just recently we introduced a host of new remote monitoring and management (RMM), productivity, and security capabilities which are coming to GoTo Resolve making it a true a one-stop-shop solution for everything IT. The added functionalities will not only bring SMB IT teams fewer headaches, but a higher ROI. These new tools join existing productivity-driving features – like remote execution, device quick view, and unattended access – to arm IT teams with a variety of ways to help triage and resolve a problem behind the scenes in a timely fashion. With the transition to remote work and all that’s come with it, tools that are safe, easy, and cost-effective are critical for the success of businesses around the world.

We also added a Slack integration recently that removes the friction of switching platforms to make it easier to connect with co-workers and simplify workflow. With it, IT tickets can be created and managed right in the chat window and agents can even start remote support sessions from Slack to solve challenges without switching tools or disrupting current tasks. We’re constantly exploring ways to enhance our products to support customers.

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What are some of the IT management areas that you feel marketing teams now need to be more informed about: what best practices would you share to have organizations align this better?

In today’s world, marketers need the tech and digital solutions that have the power to reach potential and existing customers. Organizations should focus on breaking down silos between marketing and IT teams and adopt tools which deliver value to both departments.

For example, businesses can integrate marketing tools into their current workflow environments such as messaging tools or bring IT into discussions early during software evaluations to ensure it plays well with the company’s tech stack and lives up to security requirements.

What do you feel are some of the core IT backed challenges SMB marketers face today?

Nowadays, employees— and devices—are everywhere. While this IT shift from supporting on-premises work to flexible work has sparked innovation, it’s made things a bit more complicated, especially for SMB marketers who need to keep business moving and engagement high. SMB employees have always had to wear several different hats— and they shouldn’t be losing more time trying to sift through complex tech. Ultimately, cumbersome and complicated tech is the biggest IT hurdle impacting SMBs today. In a recent survey GoTo conducted with Frost & Sullivan, 76% of respondents found that the workload of IT workers increased due to the adoption of flexible work models, with 43% agreeing that IT jobs have become more difficult. Tech overload and digital culmination is something that SMB IT teams need to work through — many of the disparate technologies that were adopted at the start of the pandemic are just not sustainable long-term.

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Five thoughts on what it takes for B2B teams to build stronger tech experiences within the organization to keep more teams and functions aligned.

For teams to improve their tech experiences, a few thoughts come to mind:

  • Eliminate or refine technologies that steal time. Technology is supposed to make work easier, not more complicated.
  • Unify software and platforms to ensure frictionless collaborations.
  • Invest in remote support tools that empower employees to get work done on their own terms.
  • Adopt a strong security model with zero-trust already built-in, so everyone is safe at every step.
  • Leverage proactive solution such as RMM to get ahead of issues – IT teams shouldn’t be putting out fires all day long.

Some last thoughts, takeaways, before we wrap up!

I can’t share all of the details yet, but GoTo Resolve also has big features on the way the rest of the year, including anti-virus software, big improvements to the helpdesk capabilities, and integrations. SMBs stand to see tremendous benefits from these and other features as IT support technologies continue to evolve, providing them with access to the same capabilities previously restricted to much larger enterprises.

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GoTo’s flexible-work software – including GoTo Connect, GoTo Resolve, Rescue, Central, and more – is built for small and midsize business IT departments, but powerful enough for the enterprise. GoTo software is designed to support end-users’ unified communications & collaboration (UCC) and IT management & support needs. By building its secure, easy-to-use software, GoTo is committed to ensuring the time at work is well spent so that time outside of work is better spent.

Christopher Savio is the Director of Product Marketing for GoTo’s Remote Solutions Group. With a diverse career background from consulting to product management to product marketing, he helps shape the product direction, leads the development of the go-to-market strategy, and delivers market insights and opportunities to the business. He’s passionate about using customer-centric insights to help push forward strategic decisions and product innovations

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