MarTech Video Interview with Zeev Neumeier – Inscape

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Zeev Neumeier is the SVP of Product, Inscape at VIZIO. Zeev founded Cognitive Networks, which was purchased by VIZIO and rebranded as Inscape Services.

TV continues to be a very popular engagement medium for advertisers. Inscape leads the way with greater advancements in Addressable TV and Automatic Content recognition technologies. Even during the cord-cutting era, we’re witnessing a rise in TV data analytics that help to boost inventory value with an engaging content strategy and more relevant tune-in campaigns to target viewers watching similar shows or other shows in your time slot. By generating more comprehensive TV viewing data, Inscape customers gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of their audience.

In this interview, Zeev explains the science behind impressions-based measurement.

Together with linear, the growth of Live video and Connected TV platforms spell the next phase of evolution in Digital Advertising.

Zeev studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Yeshiva University before receiving his MBA from New York University.

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