MarTech Video Interview Raffi Bagdasarian –

The Pandemic-induced lockdown has unleashed an unprecedented level of obsession with streaming experiences. Video platforms are trying new formats to keep viewers engaged.

With TV and on-demand video content charting new heights in consumption and screen-time compared to other native advertising formats, it’s time the industry gathers brute momentum behind streaming experiences once the pandemic eases (or the effects of this pandemic vanishes). is already a step ahead in this unique adtech space with providing all streaming services in one place.

Recently, Raffi Bagdasarian , the Founder & CEO at, spoke to us via video streaming.

Raffi explained how his streaming services platform is 100% focused on solving streaming media’s fragmentation and discovery problem, for both consumers and service providers. Prior to founding Paket, Bagdasarian held several influential posts including VP, Product Development & Digital Networks Operations at Sony Pictures Television, and Head of Business Operations at Wonder, which was acquired by Atari, Inc. in early 2020.

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