A Quick Read on a Few Top AI Powered Ad Tech Platforms

Artificial Intelligence is engulfing marketing and advertising at every level, right from automatic ad creation, ad buying to audience targeting. Not to mention that most of the major ad platforms are powered by AI, and these platforms are capable of creating impactful advertisements without a lot of human involvement anymore.

Artificial Intelligence has already disrupted marketing and advertising. It is normal to wonder  – what 2021 bring for AdTech? This makeshift from conventional to online has been a blessing to advertisers. Data from Crunchbase reveals that the pandemic-driven consumer behavior changes will increase the interest in advertising technologies in 2021. Further, advertising on digital channels like Google, Facebook and so on will make for 61% of the total advertising in 2021.

Plenty of factors such as an increase in the online customer base, programmatic advertising, demand-side platforms, real-time bidding and so on will continue to be the driving forces to a blossomed AdTech space in 2021.

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Let us see some of the top AdTech platforms that will continue to stun the world with their advertising capabilities:

  1. Albert

Albert is a popular ad management platform combining Robotic Process Automation and AI to manage all the facets of paid digital campaigns within and across all channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Ads and Gmail. The software operates along with the entire customer lifecycles. It produces better outcomes with its autonomous plans, tests and power to execute ads.

  1. GumGum

GumGum is an artificial intelligence company helping advertisers and marketers to place their ads more strategically in the market. The capabilities are made with deep expertise in natural language processing and computer vision. The embedded AI technology scans videos, images across the web and places the advertisements at the right spot for better advertising ROI.

  1. WordStream

WordStream comprises a series of cloud-based AI tools allowing advertisers to manage their Google AdWords, Facebook Ads campaigns, and Bing Ads right from a single dashboard. It is one of those AI based software solution offering both PPC and paid social management. The other embedded features of the software are geotargeting, call tracking, dynamic key implementation, performance reporting and so on.

  1. OneScreen

OneScreen utilizes AI to cover up ad targeting, delivery and measurement. The company is based on a unique machine learning algorithm that automatically optimizes the content and ads, which are shown to the audience. This pulls out the guesswork from the advertising and the ad is placed in an impactful spot.

  1. Phrasee

Phrasee is another AI based tool to tackle Ad Creation. The main capability of the tool is its ability to write email subject lines automatically without human intervention. This AI powered platform is customized according to the brand’s marketing language and tone so that the punchlines sounds exactly the way the human copywriters think and write. It frees the copywriters of the extra burden of creating copies and pay attention to other strategic writing projects.

  1. Pattern89

Pattern89 helps businesses to predict the performance of a Facebook or Instagram Ad much before launching it in the market. The AI-powered solution uses proprietary algorithms with access to unbound amount of data across Instagram and Facebook. The software analyses the data daily to predict the winning chances of creatives, copy parameters, audience targeting, colors and more. As a result, businesses always know which campaigns are worth spending a dollar .

  1. Pathmatics

The next in our list is Pathmatics, which is a digital marketing intelligence platform turning world’s marketing data in actionable insights. The company’s explorer brings more visibility into the ad performance of brands, competitors and entire industries for display, video mobile, social and native advertisement. With the help of Pathmatics, brands can see creatives from all the brands in the world. This data helps businesses to understand the likes and dislikes of the audience and create ad copies around the interests of the customers.

  1. City

With the help of Beam.city, a business can acquire clients with AI-powered ads on millions of sites. The company envisages AI to do with automatic ad setup, learning, monitoring and optimizing pattern recognition. The company also uses AI to create predictive datasets for targeting personas based on their demographics. With such valuable information, it is easy to offer customers exactly what they are looking for.

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With more increasing technologies, 2021 is going to be a promising year for advertisers and AdTech alike. The way we saw a rise of virtual population in the past year, 2021 will be a year of people oriented digital interactions between customers and brands.


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