What’s Happening within the Portugal MarTech Industry?

“Personalization isn’t just about sending an email that has your customer’s name in the subject line. Personalization is about understanding and delivering to a customer’s specific challenges, knowing their past purchases, engaging at the ideal time, and through the ideal channel.”

Marketing technology is all about that and a lot more!

Worldwide, there has been an exponential growth in MarTech. Talking about the EU region, the growth is 50% more than the previous year, which is of course, a good sign for all martech startups that made their way through the pandemic. In the European matrix, the United Kingdom leads, followed by Germany, Norway and Netherlands. Portugal is coming forward to join the bandwagon, and there has been an immense growth in its marketing landscape during the year.

Although, the developments are in a nascent stage, it is expected that 2022 will bring new trends. In Portugal, the success areas are focused on commerce & sales, Social & relationships followed by content & experience.

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The Portuguese MarTech Industry

In Portugal, one can observe a growing support for technologies for marketing, sales, management and analytics. In 2021, over 95 different technologies were identified catering to various industries and dimensions across the country.

Let us have a look at a few:

Ads & Promotion

  • Ad Forecaster, a unique platform allowing its users to accurately forecast digital campaigns.
  • Vixtape from Lisbon is a comprehensive media ecosystem helping its users multiple layers of media in forms of video, images audio and data in a different way where viewers feel relaxed, connected and stimulated.
  • Liquid– The tool helps in automating the customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle on mobile devices.

Content & Experience

  • Porto based Oko offers various solutions for automatic audio/video transcription, news discovery and news generation.
  • Unmaze is a Matosinhos based CRM platform for pipeline and sales team management.

Social & relationships

  • Automaise – Based out of Braga, it is a low code platform allowing its users to develop omnichannel business workflows leveraging AI to improve customer service.
  • Helppier from Porto is a platform to create interactive guides, tutorials and contextual messages to encourage the audience to interact with products, brands, services.

Commerce & Sales

  • Porta based HUUB is popular among fashion brands, which has automatized their logistics very well.
  • Lisbon based Swogo goes forth in automatic product recommendation and cross-selling.

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After looking at the bifurcation of MarTech in Portugal, here are some highlights on the major funding rounds since January 2021:

  1. Vawlt Technologies, which is working on its mission to offer a smooth transition to the cloud world has raised €550K in the latest funding round from investors like Armilar Venture Partners, VC firm Shilling Capital Partners and angel investors Carlos Brazao. The Lisbon based start-up shall use the funds to expand its operations and foster the business development teams.
  2. US and Portugal based start-up Apres raised approximately €25 to bring its “explainable AI” solution to the market. The round was led by venture capitalists Fabel, co-led by Adara along with active participation from local angels and Techstars.
  3. Another Lisbon-based tech startup, whose mission is to digitize restaurants without letting go of their independence raised €25 million. The round was led by Atlantic Food labs, with active participation from Market One Capital and other company’s investors, Mustard Seed Maze and Seedcamp.

Besides, these plenty of other MarTech funding news made it to the top. As Portugal is trying to take the MarTech baton in its hand, let us have a detailed look at the most promising MarTech Start-ups of the country:

  1. Kitch

It is an incredible platform for restaurants in Portugal. The users can track and control their digital orders easily. The platform help one connects with the audience where all the delivery information and orders are secured at one place. It is one revolutionary platform to track delivery, couriers, mark items unavailable and many more.

  1. Sendit

Make your clients happy with improved digital conversations through Sendit. All your SMS marketing, email marketing, and other interactive communication with customers are sorted with Sendit. Some major industries it is serving are events, healthcare and finance.

  1. Automaise

Embrace digital transformation with Automaise. The platform offers a unique mix of NLP, deep learning, AI to enable hyper-automation promising to increase the automation rates by 80%. It is an easy to build AI, the efficiency you receive in commendable, the set-up is quick with no technical blockers.

Major industries it is serving are banking, telecom, retail and insurance.

It is exciting to know that more countries globally are jumping onto the ever expanding MarTech bandwagon.

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