Data Storytelling: An Emerging BI Tech You Can’t Miss in 2019

Today, we dive into the most cutting-edge component of BI tech that data analysts are eyeing closely in 2019 — Data Storytelling

Business Intelligence (BI) is slated to be a definitive area in the SaaS and analytics industry. The state of BI is observed to be fluid and dynamic, largely due to the disparity in the way various organizations define their IT goals and data modeling processes. According to the latest Forbes report, “organizations that are successful with analytics and BI apps define success in business results, while unsuccessful organizations concentrate on adoption rate first.”

Today, we dive into the most cutting-edge component of BI tech that data analysts are eyeing closely in 2019- Data Journalism or Data Storytelling.

What is Data Storytelling?

Ask data scientists working with visualization tools, “what is the true definition of ‘valid’ data today?”

60% or more of these data scientists would tell that data is valuable and valid if you can garner analytics from them. Data journalism or data storytelling is the art and science of narrating data-driven stories using state of the art visualization to engage the audience, using clean and refined information.

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What Tools Make up The Data Journalism BI Tech Stack

A Heat Map on Microsoft Power BI
A Heat Map on Microsoft Power BI
A Radar Chart on Microsoft Power BI
A Radar Chart on Microsoft Power BI

Popularity-wise, we can ascertain that heat maps, density pins, radar charts, dot plots, and dumbbells give an edge to storytelling using data.

This is an informative gallery from Microsoft BI tech stack for data storytelling.

In 2019, data visualization would be the center of every BI story designed for businesses.

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One of the top BI tech storytelling platforms, Gap Minder, occasionally puts out data maps and infographics covering the various globally relevant social and economic indices.

We used Gap Minder to find the “Percentage of Internet Users (% of the population) in the G20 countries.

This is what Gap Minder revealed –

via Gap Minder data visualization
via Gap Minder data visualization

It shows the data trends flow from 1990 to 2016 based on data storytelling standards. (Stay Tuned for more in our next article…)

The Era of Immersive BI: Why Embedded Analytics Will Rule in 2019

In an interesting article, BI was pinned down against the raging growth of another data visualization technique—Embedded Analytics. The foreseeable future belongs to BI integrated with embedded analytics for powerful immersive BI. The result would deliver engaging storytelling with Data Journalism.

Insurance, Banking, and Software Sales: Top Customers of Data Journalism Traffic

The insurance and banking industry is leading the pack in the adoption of BI tech for data visualization and embedded analytics. Technology promoters in B2B SaaS have also lined up to leverage their customer data using powerful data journalism. The power of Customer Experience and graphical dashboards deliver a totally different playfield to new-age marketing and sales technology vendors, including in ad sales and mobile marketing.

Check out some really quick Data journalism charts from Microsoft’s BI tech stack.

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