Leanplum Acquires Connecto to Penetrate Deeper into AI-Powered Conversational Marketing

New Acquisition Deepens Investment in AI and Conversational Marketing to Transform the Way Brands Engage with Customers

Today, Leanplum announced the acquisition of Connecto. Connecto is a provider of AI-powered conversational marketing. With this acquisition, Leanplum is taking the next step forward in transforming the relationship between brands and their customers. By bringing together Connecto’s AI-driven automation with Leanplum’s mobile engagement platform, brands will be able to engage their customers in real-time across a wide range of connected experiences.    

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Connecto was founded by industry veterans Vassil Popovski (CEO), Radoslav Nikolov (CTO), and Vladimir Rusev (CRO). This acquisition will fuel innovation in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced algorithms across the Leanplum platform.

Mission 2022: AI-Powered Conversational Marketing Ties With Personal Technologies

Gartner states that emotion-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems are becoming so sophisticated that by 2022, personal devices will know more about an individual’s emotional state than his or her own family. AI is generating multiple disruptive forces that are reshaping the way we interact with personal technologies.

Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis Integrates with Leanplum’s Mobile Engagement Platform

Conversational marketing captures customer signals in real-time, analyzes inputs, and responds to the user as part of a personalized, contextual, one-to-one engagement strategy. Leanplum’s customers will benefit from new conversational capabilities across every mobile touch point, including push notifications, messaging platforms, digital voice assistants, over-the-top media services (OTT), and more.

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“Emerging real-time interaction technologies like voice assistants and bots are championing a marketing shift from one-way broadcasts to two-way conversations,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, co-founder and CEO of Leanplum.

Momchil added, “Meaningful relationships between brands and their customers require real-time engagement, across multiple channels, and at different stages of the user journey — all in an automated fashion. With this acquisition, we are excited to strengthen Leanplum’s leadership as the real-time engagement platform for forward-looking brands.”

“Leanplum and Connecto share a common mission to help brands create lasting relationships with the context, relevance, and impact that customers demand,” said Vassil Popovski, CEO at Connecto.

Vassil added, “After becoming a key player in Rakuten Viber’s bot ecosystem and partnering with brands such as Coca-Cola and Visa, we are excited to integrate our extensive IP for Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis into Leanplum’s leading mobile engagement platform.”

Leanplum Enables Marketing Teams Deliver In-The-Moment Engagement

Leanplum is building the next generation marketing cloud, leveraging the unique power of mobile to help brands drive deep and meaningful customer relationships. Capturing more than 24 billion mobile data points daily and delivering over 50 million messages every hour, the Leanplum platform provides the real-time insights and capabilities to help marketers deliver in-the-moment engagement and build meaningful customer relationships.

Currently, Leanplum is the mobile marketing platform built for engagement. Global brands like Tinder, Grab, Tesco, and Zynga turn to Leanplum to help them orchestrate multi-channel campaigns — from messaging to the in-app experience — that drive mobile growth and build long-lasting customer relationships.

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