Magento Commerce is Making AI the New Normal in E-Commerce

Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce.

The global digital economy is growing faster than any other economy. Even before the COVID-19 chaos struck down the supply chains and last-mile delivery platforms, nobody could deny that the future of commerce is actually — Digital. As governments enforce lockdown and authorities plead citizens to maintain social distancing, online purchases have become the most obvious form of shopping. A majority of online purchases have been related to grocery, sanitation, hygiene and personal hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, and WiFi routers.

In this challenging scenario, citizens are looking at better e-commerce personalization and product recommendations to ensure they get the best products at best prices, and delivered safely right at their doorsteps. Magento Commerce, owned by Adobe, has announced a series of unique features to automate and intelligently provide product recommendations to online consumers. AI is the core of these e-commerce features.

eCommerce growth still outpaces overall retail growth at 14.1% versus 4%.

Source: Future of eCommerce | Magento Commerce

Magento Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei

Magento users can deploy AI-based automation and intelligence to help consumers choose the most relevant products throughout the shopping journey, ensuring they buy what they really need. AI-based product recommendation from Magento e-commerce-building platform helps to drive revenue, optimize inventories, and prevent hoarding of essential items.

Adobe Sensei is the most powerful AI-engine. Magneto Commerce’s Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei is now officially available to all merchants globally. The Pilot Early Access program was first announced in October for 50+ trusted merchants.

Here Are the Top Features of Sensei-Based Product Recommendations Tool:

Unique AI-Driven Retail Experience

Is there a real way to measure Customer Experience Quotient? With Retail, Social Media, and In-store experience all playing a vital role in creating the true customer experience, AI and Machine Learning algorithms help to create the most relevant “experience map” for every customer during the shopping journey. Adobe Sensei does exactly that.

Product Recommendation Software - eCommerce

Magento Commerce has deployed AI to automatically analyze shopper behavior through multiple Machine Learning algorithms. This unique behavioral analytics eliminates human effort in dealing with consumers looking for a specific product, or category of items. The final cart is filled with items that would make the most appealing connection with a buyer’s experience.

A Variety of Recommendation

Magento customers can tweak their recommendations based on AI-based analytics. The new tool itself provides nine different types of recommendations to merchants to optimize their storefronts.

Recommendation Types included are Trending, Viewed-Viewed, Viewed-Bought, More Like This, Most Purchased, and Recommended For You.

Auto-Sync and Distribution

Storefronts no longer require coding or development. Product Recommendations provide Auto-Distributed Page Tagging and Catalog Sync to merchants. The entire operation is synced to a dedicated Cloud service, freeing up the load on Magento server.

In addition to providing a high-grade Retail Experience to online users, Magento is also taking care of its merchants. The ‘Embedded Merchant Experience’ is possibly the best-in-class Admin feature you will find in any e-commerce platform. Merchants can use Magento Admin’s Easy View dashboard to gather information in real-time, which drills down with metrics related to impressions, views, clicks, revenue and more.

Users can create customized reporting dashboards and workflow to further simplify product recommendation mapping and activate it based on trends, marketing campaigns, and experience with Magento.

AI is the New Norm for E-commerce Platforms

Online consumers are increasingly shopping from their laptops and smartphones. Smartphones, especially in the current lockdown situation, dictate the trends in e-commerce. From WhatsApp Messenger to Instagram to any Foodtech platform, Magento customers are benefitting from AI-driven features to acquire, engage, retain, and service online consumers.

In a recent blog, Jason Woosley, VP of Commerce Product & Platform, Adobe said, “In the past, effectively leveraging AI has been cost- and resource-prohibitive for many SMBs, requiring them to spend budget on data scientists or another cumbersome technology for their teams to manage. With this release, our fast-growing merchants can easily automate product recommendations to deliver a differentiated eCommerce experience. This also frees up valuable time, allowing brands to refocus resources on other ways to grow the business.”

COVID-19 Trends Match Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

According to a recent Adobe Analytics data, the US-based e-commerce industry saw a 25 percent jump in March. Magento Commerce merchants witnessed an average of 30% increase in March, even as most countries were declaring lockdown. These numbers almost matched the kind of volume orders and sales we see for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It’s true that communities are going hyper-local to buy essential goods, it’s only sensible for online merchants to fully-leverage AI and Machine Learning to create personalized in-demand digital experiences.

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