Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Mastercard, Adjust, Validity, Sitecore and more!

Marketers today need to focus on getting the right data into the right martech and salestech systems to drive optimized business value. Catch these latest weekly highlights where experts share some of their proven best practices across martech and marketing!


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One of the challenging parts about working with hyperscale data is the speed and scale required to get data into the right system and format to quickly execute massive analytical queries. At this volume, moving data around, getting it into a system, transformed, indexed and queryable in a fast and efficient manner is a feat in and of itself.Chris Gladwin, CEO and Co-founder at Ocient

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MarTech Interview with Matt Ramerman, President at Sinch for Marketing

The magic of conversational commerce is that it blends the intimate, curated experience of browsing in-store with the immediacy of online shopping all delivered through popular messaging channels- a winning combination for customers and brands alike. It’s also much more cost-effective (and effective in general) than taking the time and money to develop a branded app — Matt Ramerman, President at Sinch for Marketing 


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