Top AI and ML Trends to Keep a Tab on and Why

Since the pandemic, we have seen significant growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and they will continue to stride along the path of disruption.

AI and ML will be as significant as fire or electricity; in fact, maybe even more. We are already observing the potential of AI from the way it has been used to explore space, support cancer treatments, and tackle climate change.

As of now, it is difficult to imagine the impact of AI on the world in the next decade, but one thing is sure; key developments are bound to happen and we need to keep our eyes and ears open.

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Here are the top AI and ML trends that you must keep a tab on.

1. Creating an efficient workforce

As we saw the emergence of AI and ML, people feared them as they thought the technologies will replace the human workforce. Thankfully, this wasn’t true. As businesses began to incorporate these technologies into the process, the technologies brought more literacy to the team. Organizations also observed that by working alongside smart machines, humans became smarter at work.

The disruption of artificial intelligence and machine learning made the workforce smart and efficient.

2. Increased cybersecurity

Cybercrimes are posing more threats than ever. Cybercrimes have reportedly helped in boosting terrorism as well. As cybercrime is a world-wide issue, AI and ML tools can play a significant role in tackling this issue. For instance, AI algorithms can track human activities on a network and can judge if there is any nefarious activity going on.

Artificial intelligence helps to manage cybercrimes.

3. The Metaverse

We are not new to this term. The Metaverse is a virtual world similar to the internet. Metaverse helps people to collaborate on a platform for gaming, working, and enjoying immersive experiences. The Metaverse has its base in AI and ML. It is only with the help of these technologies that an enterprise can create a virtual world.

Virtual AI is successfully helping customers pick the right products from the internet.

4. Hyper Automation

Hyper automation is yet another trend that you need to keep a tab on. Hyper automation helps in improving customer services and speeds up the entire process. Advanced technologies boosting hyper-automation are none other than artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides improving customer service, hyper-automation is also helpful in completing other important tasks such as system integrations, worker productivity, and many more.

Hyper automation reduced dependency on the human workforce.

5. Quantum AI

We will soon see businesses using AI-powered Quantum computing to solve their complex business problems quicker than traditional AI. Quantum AI makes things faster and more accurate in terms of data analysis and prediction. Quantum AI strives to offer solutions to businesses and help them identify potential challenges they might face in the future.

Quantum AI is sure to revolutionize several industrial sectors.

6. The rise of augmented intelligence

While humans are worried about losing their jobs to AI, the rise of augmented intelligence will bring together humans and technologies for successful results. With the help of augmented intelligence, organizations can improve the efficiency and performance of their workforce.

Gartner has already predicted that 40% of the operations and infrastructure team will use augmented intelligence, resulting in higher frequency.

Employees learning the latest AI and ML technologies will be more productive at work.

7. Overlapping AI and IoT

If you try to see AI and IoT together, you will find the lines blurred. Both are different technologies with independent features. However, when they are used together, they create better and unique opportunities. In fact, the overlapping of IoT and AI is why we have technologies like Siri and Alexa.

8. AI, ML, and Cloud

Modern data analytics are shifting to the cloud, but data scientists find it difficult to integrate when data keeps increasing at later stages. It is time that they start exploiting cloud capabilities. Here, AI tools can be integrated into public and private clouds to help monitor, manage, and self-heal when issues arise.

AI automates core workflows with robust analytical capabilities.

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Why are AI/ML trends important for businesses?

One might argue why keeping a tab on these trends as they keep evolving. The truth is these trends have already started influencing business, and the leaders must use these opportunities to scale the existing capacity. Market leaders can utilize these trends for the advantage of their business.

For modern marketers and sales people, personalization is the key to success. Artificial intelligence and machine learning combinedly make it easier for marketers to offer extreme personalization to the customers.

Strive to enhance your digital capabilities with the help of AI and ML trends.


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