Strengthens Its Community Experience With Unitq

Online chess platform capitalizes on unitQ advanced AI and machine learning

unitQ, the leading AI platform empowering organizations to take a user-centric, data-driven approach to enhance the customer experience, announced today that has chosen unitQ to bolster the No. 1 chess platform’s mission of helping people enjoy their lives through the game of chess.

“ is relying on advanced AI technology and machine learning from unitQ to inform our focus on growing the game of chess by building great products, making learning and improving easier, and delivering great chess content and events to our fans,” said Erik Allebest, CEO. “We believe in fun, smiles, laughter, and in creating enjoyable experiences for everyone — and unitQ is helping us do just that.”

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Becoming a user-centric organization requires a deep and personal understanding of the people using the product. Powered by machine learning and AI, unitQ captures user feedback in more than 100 languages from dozens of sources — including the Apple App Store, Discord, Google Play Store, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and among others YouTube. In addition to parsing this user feedback in real time for unitQ customers to help them inform decision making along every touchpoint of the customer journey — unitQ also integrates with productivity tools such as Jira, PagerDuty, Slack and Zendesk.

“It’s incredible to watch as customer-centric apps like turn to unitQ to deliver the best possible experience for chess fans,” said Christian Wiklund, unitQ Co-Founder and CEO. “unitQ consolidates feedback into a single source of truth, and provides companies like a comprehensive perspective of user feedback in real time.”

Leading companies including Bumble, HelloFresh, Klarna, Pinterest, Spotify, Udemy and Upwork harness unitQ to visualize how existing and new product features and bugs are impacting their users across regions, app versions, and operating systems in real time.

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