Conversica Expands Its Sales and Customer Support in Latin America by Partnering with Nectia Cloud Solutions

Conversica, Inc., the leader in Intelligent Virtual Assistants helping organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale, announced today that it has formalized a reseller agreement with Nectia Cloud Solutions, a premier partner in Latin America and the number-one Salesforce partner in Chile. As part of this partnership, Nectia Cloud Solutions has committed resources to an entirely new business unit, Predict-IA, which is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence solutions in the cloud. Predict-IA will provide direct sales, professional services and support to prospects and customers employing Conversica AI Assistants. With regional business expertise and complete support in-language and in-country, Nectia Cloud Solutions will offer Conversica users a premier customer experience.

Conversica has worked with Nectia Cloud Solutions as a referral partner to serve customers in Chile for the past two years. This announcement marks an exciting expansion and deeper commitment to a long-term partnership. As interest in employing AI solutions more broadly across Latin America has grown, Nectia Cloud Solutions, in concert with Conversica, is well positioned to deliver the value of an augmented workforce—where business professionals and Intelligent Virtual Assistants work together on tasks to get the job done. Intelligent Virtual Assistants are the next generation of Intelligent Automation helping organizations scale human interactions that accelerate revenue across the customer lifecycle.

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As businesses around the world have pivoted to digital solutions to reach prospects and existing customers alike, Conversica Intelligent Virtual Assistants can immediately begin to engage in human-like, two-way interactions at scale to drive towards the next best action accelerating revenue; whether that’s scheduling a sales meeting, gauging interest to buy additional products or services, or politely but persistently collecting overdue payments.

“Conversica has been committed to finding and working with innovative businesses in LATAM for years, and this expanded partnership with Nectia continues that important commitment,” said Amelia Farber, Director of Global Partnerships at Conversica. “Nectia, and its new business unit, Predict-IA, is perfectly-poised to support all enterprises who want to hire their very own Intelligent Virtual Assistant or team of Intelligent Virtual Assistants, with in-country support, further language development, and an incredible drive for helping their clients grow and expand their capabilities.”

The partnership will also allow enterprises and organizations to scale and recover from the current global situation at a faster pace than current sales, marketing and customer success teams have the capacity and capability to do. There will be a pressing need to employ Intelligent Virtual Assistants in order to rebuild and re-engage with prospects and clients in Latin America. Nectia has the business acumen and reach to support any organization in Chile and throughout Latin America, who are excited to employ their first of many Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

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“Our mission as a company is to be at the forefront of technology and to support our clients to innovate with successful and proven solutions of high value. That is why we chose to align with Conversica as a partner in Artificial Intelligence,” said Julián Mardones, Executive Director of Nectia Cloud Solutions. “We are very excited to join the Conversica LATAM and Nectia Cloud Solutions teams to create Predict-IA. We believe there is immense potential to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business processes, and today more than ever we have to help our collaborators create the greatest possible value. We can do this by augmenting today’s workforce with IVAs to address repetitive tasks that people no longer want to do with large increases in productivity. Our plan is to expand the full potential of Conversica’s solution in LATAM in the next 3 years,” said Mardones.

Nectia’s new business unit, Predict-IA will be comprised of a team that can focus entirely on Conversica and its Intelligent Virtual Assistants, which means that prospects and new Conversica users will be supported by a honed, highly-skilled team of Conversica-centric success experts and account managers. Arvinder Ludiarich will lead this new team as its CEO. “Having seen the benefits of Conversica’s IVAs working for customers first-hand, I’m excited to lead Predict-IA and to continue to support an amazing team,” Ludhiarich said. “I’m confident that Predict-IA will become an integrator of cutting-edge technology in the world of Artificial Intelligence across all of Latin American.”

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