Discuss.io Incorporates New Suite of AI Tools to Help Organizations Move from Interviews to Insights Faster

Discuss.io, the leading enterprise-level smart video platform for real-time global consumer conversations, launched Augmented Insights, a suite of intelligence tools and capabilities to help brands and agencies close the time gap between live consumer conversation sessions and the generation of insights gathered. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) – both forms of AI, organizations can reduce market research costs, decrease manual work by shrinking the timeline from asking questions to identifying learnings, drive revenue, and connect key data sources in one singular platform.

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Businesses make decisions based on insights. However, for research professionals the traditional process to review and learn from consumer conversations is still too tedious– and accessing wells of data has historically been challenging to obtain and navigate. Especially as these conversations have scaled dramatically over the last year, many corporations are sitting on massive piles of data and are struggling to move beyond the research to extract actionable insights. To help corporations circumvent these challenges, Discuss.io is introducing a new suite of Augmented Insights features, including sentiment analysis, tagging, tag explorer and theme identification, that connect organizations with the market research intelligence they are looking for without the endless search for the right information.

Through the Discuss.io platform, any business making strategic plans or product decisions, conducting competitive analysis and evaluating customer experience now has transparency, access and comprehension of the vast amount of consumer data available. Now businesses are able to store live customer conversations in an organized way directly in the platform, putting the customer first by capturing, analyzing, and quickly acting upon data to help predict the future of their industry and increase consumer loyalty. With greater accessibility to the voice of the customer via tagged or filtered video clips and live conversation sessions, brands can discover themes, keywords, concepts and ideas more quickly and validate their findings.

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“We know that our clients spend a lot of time finding and documenting insights; this remains the most important output of consumer interviews and focus groups,” said Jim Longo, Discuss.io Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “With our new AI capabilities, we are solving one of the biggest problems in the MRX industry, threading a needle through thousands of interviews and enriching and transforming disorganized raw data into powerful intelligence, thus giving some of the world’s leading brands control and continuity to optimize their investments and save time and money.”

The Augmented Insights roll out comes on the heels of Discuss.io’s Respondent Hub and Mobile Screen Sharing App launches from earlier this year. Respondent Hub enables agencies and brands with their own panels and databases to connect and manage their respondents in one place, eliminating the need for multiple tools and systems, thus reducing friction in the consumer insights process. Its Mobile Screen Sharing App allows viewing and recording of smartphone or tablet screens, creating a new opportunity for organizations to understand mobile UX first-hand and inform vital aspects of the customer journey.

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