MaritzCX and LivingLens Partner to Transform Experience Management Programs with AI and Video

MaritzCX integrated the LivingLens video intelligence platform within its experience management platform and artificial intelligence (AI) suite, giving businesses unprecedented access to customer feedback to deliver tremendous experience management. By getting closer to customer emotions through powerful video “showreels” and AI, businesses are gaining deeper insights about customer feedback and expectations to drive continuous improvement.

“There’s little that is more powerful than seeing actual customers relay their feedback and then making it available to frontline teams and executives to act,” said Mike Sinoway, president and CEO of MaritzCX. “Pairing the strength of LivingLens’ video with the power of our experience management platform gives businesses access to new visual data to influence experience decisions, increase loyalty, and improve ROI.”

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The solution uses AI and machine learning to unlock the wealth of information stored within video content—transforming the unstructured data set into unique insight. This includes transcriptions to reveal what people are saying, as well as advanced facial emotional recognition used to understand how people feel. Object recognition adds an additional layer of context to analysis, identifying where people are and what they are doing. All content is time stamped, making it quick and easy to search and navigate at scale to pinpoint moments of interest. Transcribed video verbatims can also be fed into the MaritzCX platform’s text analytics engine for further categorization, dynamic modeling, sentiment, emotion, and intent analysis.

Customers around the globe can provide feedback via their webcam or mobile device, as content can be captured and analyzed in any language. By humanizing feedback, the solution allows businesses to more effectively connect with who their customer is and create empathy for customers within their organization.

Video feedback and showreels can be accessed directly from the MaritzCX Platform dashboards to aid understanding of pain points, moments of delight, and key drivers of satisfaction. Showreels can be easily created to demonstrate key insights with impact, bringing the customer into the boardroom and to the heart of decision making. Video responses are also utilized as part of the closed-loop process, giving customer service agents an in-depth understanding of a customer’s experience before making contact.

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“Often an emotional detachment can exist which means people may not connect with or act on what the numbers are showing them. Video creates a powerful emotional connection between stakeholders and their customers, and coupled with AI it really drives action,” said Sinoway.

“At LivingLens, our core use case is about driving change in organizations through being able to tell effective and engaging stories with video. This blends perfectly with MaritzCX’s impactful solutions, designed to inspire the right actions and deliver strong ROI. Together we are opening up the opportunity to really hear the authentic voice of the customer and use that to make better business decisions,” said Carl Wong, CEO of LivingLens.

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