Oxylabs Repositions Next-Gen Residential Proxies to Web Unblocker

Various improvements, ranging from pricing to updated machine learning models, are included in the change.

Oxylabs, a leading global provider of public web data scraping solutions and proxy services, announced the decision to rebrand one of its primary data collection tools, Next-Gen Residential Proxies. The AI and ML-powered solution will be renamed to Web Unblocker.

Web Unblocker (previously Next-Gen Residential Proxies) is an AI and ML-based adaptive solution designed to collect data from complex and difficult sources, such as ecommerce websites. It is optimized to be perceived as a regular internet user by websites, applies advanced fingerprinting and several other technologies to ensure a high success rate when delivering web data.

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Oxylabs’ product inherits almost all of its features from Next-Gen Residential Proxies. There are, however, important differences as most of the artificial intelligence and machine learning models have been updated and upgraded to provide even better results. Additionally, unlike competitors, Oxylabs has retained a traffic-based pricing model.

“Global businesses face a growing challenge of extracting valuable insights from big data. Therefore, web data collection tools that allow companies to focus on analysis rather than data gathering are as important as ever. Web Unblocker does exactly this – it is one of the most advanced solutions in the market, designed to gather public web data with complete accuracy and with less effort,” says Oxylabs CEO Julius Černiauskas.

According to the company, Web Unblocker should now be better understood at a glance, allowing Oxylabs to capture new audiences and aid more businesses in extracting valuable data. As it still retains its proxy roots, integrating it to existing infrastructure will be much easier for SMEs to kickstart their public web data collection practices, allowing them to level the playing field against larger competitors.

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