PPC Profit Pros is Helping Brands with Post Pandemic Profit Pain Points Through AI Powered Partners, Top Techniques, and Proven Performance

Top Digital marketing agency PPC Profit Pros, founded and led by performance marketing expert, Aaron Adamson, is combining decades of pay-per-click marketing experience, former Google account managers, with proven expertise in three of the world’s top artificial intelligence and machine learning marketing platforms, Skai (formerly Kenshoo), Adalysis, and Unbounce, to improve brands’ profit, post-pandemic. This digital marketing firm has a track record of growing profits, on average 40% across companies of all sizes. PPC Profit Pros has PPC in their name and focus, because pay per click marketing has the highest average ROI, at 300%, vs email at 200%, and SEO or content marketing coming in at 155% (Adamson, 2021).

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According to Carlsson-Szlezak, Swartz and Reeves of the Boston Consulting Group (Harvard Business Review, 2021), an extraordinary recovery is occurring post pandemic, but it will not be long until business leaders see that their profits are under pressure due to rising wages and workers’ claim on economic output growing.

“During this ROI challenging time, PPC Profit Pros has never been more in demand, due to our laser focus on profit. Brands are seriously worried about the profitability of their enterprises, as they attempt to climb their way out of the global pandemic. We combine vast business experience and deep tool expertise, with advanced performance marketing techniques and a test and measure approach, to carefully and swiftly help brands to accelerate into maximum profit, following this pandemic”, says Founder and CEO, Aaron Adamson.

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PPC Profit Pros delivers superior profit by controlling ROI all along the customer journey across: Keywords, ads, landing pages, and conversion forms. “We use specific tools for specific purposes, at each point from ad impression to lead or sale. These tools are complex, but we’ve become experts with them, which allows us to give valuable time back to brands; time that they can use to work harder on their businesses,” says Adamson.