Shopbrain Harnesses AI to Predict the Best Time to Buy Online

Consumer Champion Introduces a Price Prediction Feature to Let Shoppers Know If the Price of a Product Is Likely to Increase or Decrease Before They Buy

Shopbrain, the AI-powered shopping assistant that helps online shoppers find the best price in seconds – announced a new price prediction feature that advises shoppers if it’s the right time to buy the product they are shopping for. This industry first feature predicts if the best price they’ve found is likely to increase or decrease in the next 10 days.

Shopbrain introduces a new price prediction feature to let shoppers know the best time to buy online. Never overpay again!

“Consumers using Shopbrain are finding the best price faster and easier than ever before with Shopbrain,” said James Cunningham, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopbrain. “No matter where they shop or what they are shopping for, we’re searching real time to find them the best deal. However, it’s also crucial to know if today’s price is truly a deal or if there’s a better price potentially around the corner. That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of AI and machine learning and analyze past and present price distribution in order to predict what may happen and inform consumers at a crucial time in their purchase journey.”

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Shopbrain’s new prediction feature tells consumers when they’ve found a ‘Hot Deal’ if it’s one of the best prices they have seen over the past several months and is unlikely to drop any further. Or, Shopbrain will tell you to ‘Wait’ if it looks likely that a better deal may be available soon.

“We’re aiming to give consumers confidence whenever they shop online,” continued Cunningham. Shopbrain gives completely independent and transparent results to shoppers – we don’t care where they shop, we just believe they should know where the best price is. And now we’re helping build price confidence further by knowing the best time to buy.

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Shopbrain was founded by James Cunningham and Nick Zhu to help consumers find the best price wherever they shop whether it’s from the comfort of your home or in-store. On average Shopbrain finds a shopper savings of over $300 per month. Shopbrain’s AI technology is a first-of-its-kind shopping assistant.

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