SmartBug Media® Named 2021 HubSpot Partner of the Year

Leading Intelligent Inbound® Marketing Agency Is Best Equipped To Help Clients Unlock and Utilize Full Potential From Top CRM Platform

SmartBug Media® — a leading Intelligent Inbound® marketing agency that assists businesses in generating leads; increasing awareness; and building brand loyalty through inbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, revenue operations and public relations — has been named a winner in the Partner of the Year category for the North American region in HubSpot’s 2021 Performance Impact Awards. This award represents both a major client and partnership achievement for SmartBug®.

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HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, uses the Partner of the Year award to recognize the member of its Solutions Partner Program that achieved the highest sold monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in its region for 2021. SmartBug has received this honor for selling more HubSpot to its clients than any other agency in North America, demonstrating that it remains one of the most strategic and creative marketing agencies in the world.

“We are HubSpot experts and are ecstatic to be awarded its most prestigious award,” SmartBug CEO Jen Spencer said. “From being highly awarded and the partner with the most five-star HubSpot reviews in the Solutions Directory to having a team with 750-plus HubSpot certifications, SmartBug offers the best-equipped team to help businesses get the most value out of their CRM platform throughout the entire customer journey.”

The unique specialization that SmartBug has within the HubSpot ecosystem is the result of the agency’s priorities. Placing a premium on the professional development of its employees, SmartBug Founder and Chairman Ryan Malone created quarterly Certification Days in 2017. The company shuts down operations for one day each quarter for Certification Day, giving its employees the time to learn new skills and enhance the work they produce by earning online certifications through the HubSpot Academy. When HubSpot realized the success that this practice drives for SmartBug on a quarterly basis, it decided to create an annual version of its own — World Certification Week — which it has hosted together with SmartBug the past two summers.

SmartBug has a long, successful history as a HubSpot partner, starting with being one of its earliest partners to winning the Global HubSpot Partner of the Year award in 2018 and being named one of a handful of initial elite partners when the tier was first established. The Intelligent Inbound innovator has also won 15 HubSpot Impact Awards, has earned multiple HubSpot solutions partner certifications and accreditations, and has served on its North America Partner Advisory Council for several years.

“Our clients come to us to drive revenue growth through Intelligent Inbound marketing, sales and service, and we know that HubSpot CRM is the best platform to run their business,” Spencer said. “Our goal is to continue helping companies grow better with Intelligent Inbound powered by HubSpot by enabling them to lean into the platform from all aspects of their business — from sales, marketing and customer service to web development and revenue operations. We are very grateful to have had such a wonderful partnership with HubSpot throughout our endeavors.”

Marketing Technology News: Pavilion Data Systems Appoints Shridar Subramanian As Chief Marketing and Product Officer

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