Visionstate Works with Artificial Intelligence Company to Deploy Retail Customer Service Solution

Visionstate Corp. is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with Artificial Intelligence company to deploy AI enabled customer service applications for the retail sector. The first deployment of the new technology will be in a large Canadian-based shopping centre.

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With the retail sector struggling as it recovers from COVID-19 related business interruptions, supply chain challenges, health and safety concerns, and labour shortages – Visionstate’s VICCI (virtual, interactive, customer care, interface) kiosks with chatbot give operators in-store support to help guide the customer journey.

The touch-free kiosk works without the need for human labour. The chatbot is voice activated and uses machine learning, so the technology improves as more customers interact with it. The retail operator can have a 360-degree view of how customers navigate the mall space, what the most common customer questions are, and what are the unmet customer needs, thus providing opportunities for new services and retail tenants. A large Canadian shopping centre will be launching the Visionstate VICCI kiosk with Tensorgraph’s chatbot in the first calendar quarter of 2022.

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“Visionstate is focused on helping businesses harness the power of technology to help both the business and the collective thrive in a sustainable way,” explained Visionstate CEO, John Putters. “We are thrilled to be able to incorporate Tensorgraph’s chatbot into our VICCI smart kiosk platform so that customers can interact with the technology in the most natural way. Our voices are the first thing we use when we’re born and interacting with the kiosk verbally results in a faster, more accessible, easier, and safer experience as the customer does not need to touch a screen to connect. The launch of the VICCI kiosk with chatbot in early 2022 will support customers and the mall leadership with better, safer experiences and real-time analytics that will help accelerate the retail recovery.”

“We started Tensorgraph to offer businesses a way to embrace the ‘future of work’ where humans and bots work together,” added Wessam Gad El-Rab, Co-Founder of, “Fluido is Spanish for ‘fluid or seamless’ and the chatbot lets businesses benefit from technology without losing the human touch. I’m thrilled that Visionstate is launching a VICCI kiosk at a large Canadian shopping centre in 2022 where the mall leadership will now have full visibility into the customer journey to help inform business strategy, bridge the gaps created by the labour shortage, and create a better experience.”

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