Vonage SMS and Video APIs Power HIPAA-Compliant Hybrid Health Experiences to Enable Healthcare Organizations to Build Secure, Compliant Customer Communications

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has announced HIPAA-compliant SMS capabilities, powered by the Vonage Communications Platform (VCP). Now, Vonage enables healthcare organizations to deliver HIPAA-compliant solutions using both the SMS and Video APIs to provide patients with secure communications across their preferred channels.

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Communications between patients and medical practitioners are central to today’s digital healthcare experiences – and this goes far beyond standard video conference platforms. Building a robust patient journey today includes video consultations, group discussion sessions, care and drug reminders, status notifications, critical alerts, and more. Leveraged together, the Vonage Video and SMS APIs allow these communications to be seamlessly embedded within healthcare providers’ existing healthcare applications.

Vonage implements security and data privacy best-practices by conducting independent third-party audits to confirm HIPAA-compliant status through the implementation of required security, privacy and data breach related safeguards for the protection of protected health information (PHI) when the APIs are used appropriately. Under the terms of HIPAA, Vonage acts as a “Business Associate” to healthcare customers, signing Business Associate Agreements (BAA) that specify each party’s responsibilities when it comes to PHI. The Company has provided BAAs for the Video API for years, enabling telehealth visits and consultations. Now, with the addition of HIPAA-compliant SMS capabilities, Vonage is powering the future of healthcare communications as the COVID pandemic has driven a fundamental shift in how people consume healthcare services.

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“The world of healthcare has irrevocably changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as patients and providers adapted and shifted to telehealth solutions,” said Jay Bellissimo, Chief Operating Officer, Vonage. “As we emerge from the pandemic, patients will continue to expect seamless, convenient digital experiences on their time and their preferred channels. By combining the Vonage Video and SMS APIs, providers have the power to build HIPAA-compliant patient communication journeys, offering security and personalized care at every touchpoint.”

Benefits to healthcare communications that leverage the Vonage SMS API include:

  • Automated Appointment Experience – Manage appointment scheduling easily via mobile appointment check-in and pre and post-visit text alerts.
  • Patient Relationship Management – Organizations can provide a higher standard of care with convenient mobile prescription notices, medical reminders, and important follow-ups.
  • Situation Readiness – Ensure staff and patients are alerted in real time during time-critical circumstances. Organizations can stay prepared with a secure text message solution that ensures targeted messages are sent and received.
  • Digital Surveys – Collect valuable patient feedback and continue to elevate their medical experience.
  • Authentication – Authenticate patients and ensure privacy and security – using Vonage’s trusted two factor authentication tools.

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