Scoops $60 Million Series C Funding; Announces AI-based Revenue Intelligence Tool

0 228 Has Announced a New AI Solution to Help Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Teams Have Their Best Day at Work, Every Day

In Marketing Technology, AI-driven tools are slowly but surely growing in prominence. Their adoption is driving Revenue Systems to deliver on Marketing, Sales and Customer Success objectives. has constantly taken steps to address the challenges in Personalization and Intent-based marketing and sales campaigns. Today, announced the launch of its latest creation, “The Wire”. The Wire is branded as the industry’s only Revenue Intelligence System. The latest product announcement comes on the same day the Company scooped its $60 million Series C funding. ICONIQ Capital led the latest Martech funding round.

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What is The Wire?’s The Wire is a next-best actions AI feed that delivers your daily list of personalized, actionable insights to help sales, marketing and customer success teams have their most productive day, every day.

The Wire is a real-time feed, similar to a social networks feed, to provide customer-facing teams with AI-driven intelligence, task prioritization, and one-click execution. It uses PeopleGraph, the unique graph-based AI that has already been trained on $1 trillion in pipeline, 500 million sales activities, nearly 40 million executive contacts, 15 million buying motions and over $100 billion in closed/won deals.'s Revenue Intelligence System’s Revenue Intelligence System

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The Wire Syncs with All Salesforce data

As with all existing products, all collected data is synced with Salesforce and learns continuously from users’ actions to fine-tune predictive algorithms.

These algorithms generate a ranked list of next best actions, trained on customer activity data from emails, conference calls, calendars, and collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack.

These insights are served based on your role, location, and via the channel in which you will be most likely to take the task (for example, if you are on a plane, The Wire will reach out via email). For sales team members, this could be making sure you are always the first person to reach out to your repeat buyer on the day they join a new company, or making sure the correct executives are engaged in the right stages of the sales process.

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For sales managers, it shows leading indicators of sales rep success based on historical activity data and whether your team members’ activities are optimal for the team to achieve their number in the current quarter. This gives management empirical data on why some team members are (or are not) succeeding based on leading indicators.

With The Wire, Is Delivering on the Unfulfilled Promise of Traditional CRM Tools

At the time of this announcement, Oleg Rogynskyy, Founder and CEO of, said, “ is delivering on the unfulfilled promise of traditional CRM tools, which claim to drive growth and productivity but in reality rely on inefficient manual data entry and users spending their time deciding what to focus on next.”

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Oleg added, “We are solving that with the power of AI—and with the launch of The Wire, we are delivering a fundamental shift in how actionable intelligence is delivered to drive growth.”

“One of the requirements enterprises will need going forward is an automated, predictive way to identify what actions and next steps they should make to bring deals in faster, get more from their marketing investment, and deliver a better customer experience,” said Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies at Sirius Decisions.

“The Wire is a real example of AI’s power to help automate my day and make me more productive. With technology observing and learning about our sales activities and pipeline and then suggesting the best next activity to me, my managers and my entire sales team, we will be empowered to focus on the management actions that matter most, like coaching reps who are falling behind or identifying at-risk deals,” said Mike Cabot, VP of Corporate Sales at Malwarebytes.

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Currently, accelerates enterprise growth through the power of AI. With the industry’s only Revenue Intelligence System, frees all customer-facing teams, including sales, marketing, and customer success, from manual data entry by automatically capturing all contact and customer activity data, dynamically updating CRM and other systems of record, and providing actionable intelligence across management tools to realize the full selling capacity of the enterprise.

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