Celonis and EcoVadis Empower Sustainable Procurement Processes

Partnership will drive sustainability into the supply chain by operationalizing supplier sustainability ratings and improving business process efficiency

CELOSPHERE 2022 – Celonis, the global leader in execution management and EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted supplier sustainability ratings platform, announced a partnership to make business procurement processes more sustainable. Celonis will integrate EcoVadis sustainability ratings data into the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

This joint commitment from Celonis and EcoVadis is part of the Celonis strategy to empower every company to reduce its carbon impact and execute in a sustainable way through the elimination of process inefficiencies. The Celonis strategy is based on embedding sustainability practices into day-to-day process operations for all of its customers and partners.

“Embracing sustainability criteria in the purchasing function is one of the top challenges in achieving an effective sustainable procurement program,” said Emily Rakowski, Chief Marketing Officer at EcoVadis. “With Celonis, we can bring sustainability ratings to the most actionable decision points while powering a rich set of automations in the procurement workflow, creating a triple win of driving efficiencies, risk reduction and positive impact.”

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“This partnership offers a unique mix of data-driven insights and technology to provide a new lens for businesses to drive sustainability into their supply chains,” said Janina Bauer, Global Director of Sustainability at Celonis. “It gives companies new tools for measuring sustainability performance, improving business process efficiency and ensuring accountability and transparency across the supply chain.”

The integration with the EcoVadis ratings platform and Celonis Execution Management System will help companies track and measure the sustainability performance of their suppliers. Companies can then easily see how their suppliers score in all key areas of sustainability including environmental criteria (carbon and ecological footprint), social and labor practices, and ethical parameters.

This partnership will also empower customers to identify opportunities and provide recommendations for additional suppliers in the portfolio. For example, the Celonis EMS will recommend suppliers who have provided the same material type in the past and already have a strong EcoVadis score to help companies decide which supplier is best suited for a particular order with regards to sustainability. The Celonis EMS can also trigger an automated enrollment process to bring a supplier onboard if it is not yet rated.

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Once onboarded, suppliers will have access to EcoVadis’ platform to guide them on their sustainability journey: They will receive a detailed scorecard that can be shared with multiple customers, which will identify  strengths and improvement areas, track corrective actions and provide e-learning tools to help build their sustainability performance. High-performers may be eligible for recognition medals which they can use to enhance their company and employer brand, creating value and reinforcing their engagement.

EcoVadis is also sponsoring and participating in Celosphere 2022 on November 9 and 10 in Munich, Germany, where Celonis is mobilizing the top process and business execution professionals in the world.

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