In-game Ads: Biggest Trends and Impact

Video games – Honestly, they are not a thing of the past, they have just evolved into something more impactful and immersive. The evolution of video games has zapped the world. You may not find conventional gaming consoles and arcade games as much in use as the current gaming technologies are way beyond the traditional gaming experience of yesteryear…

That said, gaming devices have mutated as well. Now you can play your favorite video games on your tablets, smartphones, laptops, and also through VR headsets. The fact is, the gaming industry has progressed so much that it has mesmerized the consumers as well.

Do you know that 40% of GenY and millennials spent their time playing games on their smartphones, this is a common stat when the pandemic triggered. These games even helped people sitting in different places to come onto one platform and enjoy their time with each other virtually. So, why are we discussing the impact of these digital games here? It is because we want to divert your attention to in-game advertising.

In-game advertising is anything like digital video ads, banners, audio ads, and mini-games presented on the gaming screen. The most popular types of in-game advertising (IGA) are dynamic ads, static ads, and gamevertising.

Why you should use IGA for your brand?

Honestly, IGA has a lot to offer to your brand.

First, this kind of advertising technique helps to make your brand more visible, especially on advertising channels with low competition.

Second, by choosing the perfect in-game advertising strategy, you can easily differentiate your brand from the rest of the competition. You will reach a specific target audience successfully.

Last, you optimize real ads with the help of IGA. What’s more, brands have an array of customization features and endless opportunities to appeal to the audience.

Thus, in-game advertising is a great tool to collect precise data and enrich your customer database.

In-game advertising is the newest trend in advertising and marketing, and we are seeing many brands nailing it successfully.

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Top Examples of In-game Advertising (IGA)

1. Lead Generation Campaign by Ford

We all know who Ford is, one of the biggest automakers in the world.

  • The company took help from a penalty kicks game to promote one of its car models in Sweden. Initially, the campaign ran as a mobile web banner. The moment any user clicked the banner, the game expanded to full screen mode.
  • In the game, players are required to shoot three penalty kicks through the back door of the car.

Once the game was ended, the player could see the video of the car and book an appointment with the nearest Ford auto dealer.

2. A Mesmerizing Branding Campaign by Heineken – Shuffleboard

  • To promote the brand and create awareness in Ireland, Heineken used a bottle slider game.
  • The campaign was run on a multi-screen online display ad. Users could see the bottles and target on the primary screen, but players needed to use their smartphones to open a separate webpage with a paddle.
  • With the game ending, users could see a branding video.

3. Coca-Cola’s Pixel-flavored Drink

  • The zero-sugar drink by Coca-Cola is the latest in its brand creation line.
  • The same drink is marketed as “pixel-flavored” and to boost the interest of its customers, the brand created a Pixel-Point Island in Fortnite gaming.
  • The island is created in collaboration with PWR, a lifestyle and gaming organization.
  • These creations are limited flavor editions to attract Gen Z consumers by associating their drinks with the digital experience.

4. Wendy’s Wendyverse

Wendy’s, a popular fast-food giant has successfully nailed in-game advertising.

  • The brand has joined Meta’s horizon Worlds platform by creating Wendyverse.
  • Players with Quest 2 headset can enter metaverse activation divided into two areas: Partnership Plaza and Towne Square Central, home to a virtual Wendy’s restaurant.
  • In the virtual environment, players can shoot Baconators on a branded basketball court knowns as the Buck Biscuit Dome.

5. Jose Cuervo’s Metaverse Distillery

  • Jose Cuervo has opened up a distillery in Metaverse as a way to connect with Gen Z, who are interested in Metaverse.
  • The virtual space includes tequila education showing limited products available only to users of 21 years and up.

6. Fortnite and Jordan

We all know Jordan is a popular sneakers brand. Back in 2021.

  • Fortnite (a gaming platform) continued its cooperation with the brand.
  • Players can compete for the Air Jordan XI Cool Gray (the iconic sneakers from Jordan) and discover rooms dedicated to their best players.
  • Players can test their basketball abilities and unlock an immersive video advertising Jordan Brand.

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Final Word

In game advertising (IGA) can help brands reach out to a specific set of their target audience successfully. With the varieties available, it is time for your brand to choose the IGA model appropriate to them. Such successful game advertising campaigns can increase advertisers’ revenues and encourage players/potential customers to interact with their brand. In-game advertising can be a game-changer for your marketing and sales efforts.

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