iFOLIO Announces Cloud and Patent — Transforming Communications to Make Work Easier in the All-Digital World

Madison Square Garden, Atlanta Falcons, and more are live on platform now.

Bridging sales, marketing, and service to make work easier is critical in the all-digital world. iFOLIO®, the leader in digital communications, today announces Cloud and a patent, delivering new technology for digital storytelling and personalized experiences.

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98% of iFOLIOs are viewed within 10 minutes of being delivered to text message because they are visual and tell a story.

According to Forbestransforming and optimizing business performance is the most important goal for companies worldwide. iFOLIO helps businesses go digital in a personalized way.

The enhanced platform, Cloud, provides a scalable, data-driven approach to personalize digital communications.

Make work easier across your teams in today’s all-digital world:

  • Cloud for Sales: Make sales easier with digital presentations, shared stats, and calendar notifications that introduce visual storytelling to connect, engage, and convert buyers better.
  • Cloud for Marketing: Connect and engage clients with digital text message campaigns, visual emails, and SMS marketing.
  • Cloud for Service: Enhance customer service with automated digital communications, patented analytics, and Reverse CRM®

iFOLIO’s integrations to CRM reduce the admin load on reps. iFOLIO buttons in email signatures turn every corporate communication into a platform for engagement.

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iFOLIO’s new patent leads the industry with analytics to help teams measure, respond, and optimize personalized experiences.

Madison Square Garden, the Atlanta Falcons, iD Tech and Keller Williams Realty Community Group will be among the first clients loaded on the Cloud.

“Every person has gone digital overnight because of the pandemic,” says Jean Marie Richardson, President and CEO, iFOLIO. “Cloud enables teams to make work easier with a singular platform for digital content, text message campaigns, and analytics to deliver industry leading client experiences. It is my honor to introduce this innovation alongside a team that makes me so proud.”

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