XDBS Launches New CRM Tool: Enhancier

XDBS, a top B2B Digital Marketing and Lead Generation company, announced the launch of its upgraded customer relationship management product, Enhancier. This CRM product is designed to give sales and marketing teams all of the tools they need to get a much better view of their customers. Enhancier has the capability to leverage an embedded customer data platform for an unprecedented, 360-degree view of the customers throughout their entire journey.

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This upgraded CRM solution can provide teams with a complete view of their existing and potential customers, a unified view, and aggregated data that the company holds. The company believes that the majority of CRM users quickly become disappointed with their CRM service of choice, and the reason for that is because of insufficient or flawed data. That’s where Enhancier thinks it can make a difference. According to the CEO and Executive Chairman of XDBS, Mr. Kartik Anand, “we built Enhancier CRM to harness and utilize the power of data and create instant value to understand our customers even better.”

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Enhancier offers predictive lead scoring based on a host of signals users can customize to their needs. The slack and team integrations, built-in telephony with call recording to reach out to prospects, makes Enhancier a robust platform for better customer experience.

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