Astute Releases Definitive Guide to Customer Service Automation

Guide details benefits, best practices, and pitfalls of customer service automation

Astute, Inc. (“Astute”), a leading customer engagement and Voice of the Customer (“VoC”) platform, released its Definitive Guide to Customer Service Automation. The guide covers the key drivers behind customer service automation trends, the benefits of automating, best practices, and common mistakes to avoid.

“Customer service automation technology has tremendous potential to improve outcomes for customers, business leaders, and agents alike,” said Alex George, President and Chief Technology Officer, Astute. “For the past several years, the need to automate customer service processes has largely been driven by consumer preferences and expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that trend as most customer interactions are now digital.”

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The guide offers insights into how businesses can benefit from investing in customer service automation, including improving customer response times, enhancing agent engagement, and reducing cost per interaction. It also includes best practices for implementing customer service automation, such as prioritizing cross-channel consistency and identifying where automation serves the customer journey. Additionally, the guide identifies common pitfalls of customer support automation, including not getting agents on board and losing the personal touch.

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Astute specializes in applying cutting-edge AI and automation technology to customer service’s biggest challenges, helping some of the world’s most influential consumer brands improve both contact center efficiency and customer engagement. The following are some of the tools Astute offers to help organizations automate customer service while improving the customer journey:

  • Email Virtual Assistant (EVA) that can cut customer email handle times by five times or more
  • Award-winning customer service chatbot that delivers a quick ROI for service automation
  • Industry-leading agent desktop CRM with embedded robotic process automation and AI for efficiency
  • Robust social media monitoring and routing to help brands win at social customer care
  • Conversational IVR that uses AI and natural language processing to reduce customer friction

“Embracing automation is the only way for brands to stay competitive,” added George. “Automation builds elasticity into the customer service process, which allows organizations to be prepared for unpredictable spikes and dips in volume. Also, when done right, automation technology can be used to enhance personalization instead of diminishing it.”

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