Decibel Adds New Platform Features That Enhance Digital Customer Experience by Revealing Exactly How Customers Progress Through the Online Journey

With Journeys, Brands Can Visualize Data to Better Understand the Complicated Customer Journey on Websites and Apps

Decibel, the leading global digital experience intelligence provider, announced the details of its latest release, Journeys, which provides a robust view of exactly how website and app users experience every step of the online journey. Armed with this comprehensive view, brands can quickly identify areas for investigation and improvement, thus delivering a more engaging digital customer experience and driving improved conversion rates.

@Decibelinsight has announced its latest product release, Journeys, providing brands with a robust view of exactly how website and app users experience every step of the complicated and curving online journey

According to leading analyst firm research, within the next year more than 40 percent of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience. While data and analytics already serve a critical role in many marketing functions, research shows an understanding of the overall condition of the customer’s attitude toward the enterprise is lacking for the majority. This is, in part, because journeys are extremely complicated—users rarely behave as anticipated, often taking shortcuts and moving through websites out of intended sequence—and it can be difficult to capture if an online touchpoint truly met the user’s needs.

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Journeys reveals what really happens at each step of the customer journey. Journeys’ diagrams provide a comprehensive way of revealing exactly how users move through the funnel and the quality of the experience every step of the way, both positive and negative. With the inclusion of the Digital Experience Score (DXS) heatmap overlay—Decibel’s proprietary scoring system that measures customer experience in a single, comprehensive metric—brands can instantly see the most common pain points and prioritize areas that require optimization.

Additional benefits of Journeys include:

  • Presentation of very complicated, large data sets in an easy-to-digest format
  • Ability to surface previously undiscovered journeys of interest and routes of traffic
  • Custom dashboards so brands can view the dashboard of digital experience data that is most important to them

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“It is no secret that there is a direct correlation between a positive digital customer experience and increased revenue, but seeing and connecting all the dots on a customer’s path from first engagement through to conversion remains a mystery for many brands,” said Tim De Paris, CTO, Decibel. “We’re excited about Journeys because it removes that uncertainty by revealing the complete, often curving and complicated path. By putting large data sets into visual formats and customizable dashboards, brands can focus on what matters most: creating a better experience for their customers.”

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