InMarket Releases its Breakthrough Moments List of Best-Performing Campaigns for the First Half of 2021

M&Ms, Welch’s, Bayer, and Western Union recognized for driving engaging campaigns during customers’ precise moments of need

InMarket, the leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activation, today released an overview of its top performing Breakthrough Moments winners for the first half of 2021. InMarket’s H1 2021 Breakthrough Moments report highlights the campaigns that drove high engagement during the critical moments of truth—as consumers were in the purchase process. Winners effectively combined timing, relevance, and context to spark brand moments that drove exceptional viewability and engagement rates as high as 6.56%, or 10.9x higher than the industry benchmark.*

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“The first half of 2021 began with a new sense of hope as consumers returned back to their new normal routines and shopping behaviors,” said Todd Dipaola, Founder and CEO of InMarket. “InMarket’s Breakthrough Moments celebrates the brands that not only created value for consumers at their precise moment of need, but broke through to create engaging customer experiences while driving growth for their brands.”

Leaders of the New Normal
2021 began with the rollout of multiple COVID-19 vaccines and increased optimism for a return to normal. By June 30, 66% of the US adult population received at least one dose of a vaccine, prompting another pivot for marketers as more shoppers returned to stores. InMarket’s quarterly foot traffic reports found that store visitation was much more stable throughout the first and second quarters as consumers adapted to ‘the new normal.’ Brands utilized InMarket’s Moments to create compelling advertisements that tailored to customers’ precise moment of need, significantly boosting consumer engagement. The top four brands who saw remarkable success using InMarket’s Moments were Welch’s, Bayer, M&M’s®, and Western Union.

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  • Welch’s
    As consumers sought out ways to increase their vitamin intake, igniting a boom in juice sales, Welch’s created a Moment ad to feature their Passion Fruit juice in a new, bigger size. Meeting consumers’ demand for bulk-sized items, aimed at minimizing the amount of grocery store trips, the Moment offered a unique call-to-action with a $1 coupon. With exact product information down to the aisle in the nearest store, the bright Moments ad lured shoppers to the juice aisle. Capturing the attention of consumers, the engaging creative drove a 6.56% click-through rate, which is 10.9x higher than the industry benchmark.
  • Bayer
    With health and wellness being top of mind for many the past year, Bayer used Moments to drive awareness of several different health products, from vitamins to immune support. Alongside alluring, colorful product imagery, each ad featured a direct call-to-action—”Shop Now”—which highlighted precise product information. Offering the key product information relevant to the consumers’ exact moment of the purchase journey, Bayer drove high engagement with a 5.95% click-through rate, which is 9.9x higher than the industry benchmark.
  • M&M’S®
    M&M’S® Breakthrough Moment paired two of the major trends—a boom in chocolate indulgence and music streaming—to engage customers and successfully drive them to the nearest snack aisle. Transforming their Messages pack into a forum for sharing unique Spotify playlists curated by M&M’S®, the creatives facilitated meaningful moments of connections through music alongside charming imagery of the beloved M&M’S® ‘spokescandies’. In doing so, this experiential ad drove a 5.45% click-through rate, which is 9.1x higher than the industry benchmark.
  • Western Union
    Using InMarket’s Moments, Western Union offered consumers a BOGO offer to consumers at select grocery stores. A gift box featuring the brand’s signature yellow and black colors was a call-to-action providing consumers with all the necessary information for a smooth transfer. The success of this engaging Moment highlights the importance of efficiency in messaging, as the ad amassed a click-through rate of 6.02%, which is 10x above the industry benchmark.

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