Daily MarTech Roundup: Coolest Things in Marketing and Sales Today

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Today’s Daily MarTech Round-up covers latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience AI and ML announcements from Talkwalker, ExaWizards Inc., DirectScale, Inc., Braze, Liveclicker, and Google.

Talkwalker Launches Conversation Clusters, Accelerates Insight Discovery With Augmented Analytics Tool

Talkwalker, the leading social listening, and analytics company, announced the launch of Conversation Clusters, a data visualization tool that enables marketers, PR professionals, and consumer insight analysts to instantly uncover, understand and visualize the context around any topic at a glance.

AI Start-up ExaWizards Launches “Qontextual,” FAQ Search Engine

ExaWizards Inc., a Tokyo-based firm specializing in development of AI-enabled services for industrial innovation and social problems solutions, launched “Qontextual,” a FAQ search engine, on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

VERB to Deliver its Industry-Leading Interactive Video and CRM App for the DirectScale Platform

DirectScale, Inc., a privately held market leader in the direct and social selling industry, has partnered with industry leader VERB Technology Company, Inc., a leader in business-focused interactive video CRM and marketing and sales enablement applications, to offer a combined platform to all of DirectScale’s new and existing social, affiliate and direct sales clients.

Braze Launches Machine Learning-Powered Predictive Suite to Bolster Cross-Channel Capabilities and Boost Customer Loyalty

Braze, the comprehensive customer engagement platform, announced new features and product expansions to bolster cross-channel capabilities, increase retention and amplify customer loyalty. These include updates to Braze’s automated decision making Intelligence Suite as well the introduction of Braze Predictive Suite, a new lineup of tools which will help brands increase retention using machine learning.

Liveclicker Introduces Geo-Prediction for Email

Liveclicker, a global provider of real-time email personalization solutions for B2C marketers today announced that their platform offers geo-prediction for email. Brands will now have the predictive power of machine learning to increase the number of emails that can include personalized content. Geo-prediction improves the accuracy of limited-time offers, weather based messaging, and other time-sensitive content. Hot Topic, the fashion retailer, was able to predict the location of over 3.1 million subscribers within the last quarter whose location had previously been unknown. The newly predicted subscribers received personalized email, which dramatically improved click through rates and conversion rates.

Quantum Computing is a Viable Alternative to Encryption, Says Sundar Pichai

Google is going after Quantum Computing to consolidate its supremacy in the tech business. Though small in size, the Quantum Computing (QC) market is rapidly becoming mainstream. Data scientists have been discussing the potential of QC applications for over 30 years now. But, the technology got attention only after Google made its vision clear about the market. They released a 54-qubit processor, named “Sycamore” in 2019. Google’s Chief Sundar Pichai went a step further in crowning QC as the new threshold to sustain business in 2020.

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