Daily MarTech Roundup: Top Coolest Things in Marketing and Sales Today

Today’s Daily MarTech Round-up covers latest in Cloud, Marketing Analytics, Automation, Customer experience AI and ML announcements from Zendesk, Inc., PelicanCorp, Alibaba.com, SugarCRM Inc., Engagio, Rakuten Marketing, Google and Ada.

Zendesk Releases New Research With Insights on the Power of Service in Influencing Customer Loyalty

Zendesk, Inc. released the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, analyzing how businesses can drive customer loyalty, what matters most to people when they engage with businesses, and what differentiates leading companies from their competitors. The annual report is based on global survey results and the Zendesk Benchmark, an index of product usage data from more than 45,000 global companies using Zendesk and the gold standard of data on how companies use their customer experience solutions.

PelicanCorp Acquires Geolantis Cloud Services

PelicanCorp, the global leader in the damage prevention industry, announced its acquisition of Geolantis, further strengthening its market reach into critical digitized data workflows. Geolantis provides strong data visualization, highly accurate mapping capabilities, workforce management, and asset inspection that is complimentary to PelicanCorp’s robust set of existing solutions.

Alibaba.com Launches “B2B Tuesday” to Spotlight US Business-to-Business SMBs

Alibaba.com, the B2B business unit of Alibaba Group, shared the results of its brand new “Alibaba.com U.S. Small and Medium Business (SMB) Confidence Survey” and introduced “B2B Tuesday,” a major new awareness initiative to spotlight, celebrate and support B2B-focused U.S. SMBs, highlight their contributions to the U.S. economy and help them capture the global e-commerce opportunity.

SugarCRM Launches Renewals Console, a Game-Changer for Subscription-Based Businesses

SugarCRM Inc., the company that enables organizations to create customers for life, announced its Winter ‘20 release, showcasing a new renewals console, along with additional features designed to improve the lead funnel, increase renewal rates for recurring revenue models, and optimize first-response resolution rates inside customer support centers.

Engagio Joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

Engagio, the leader in B2B marketing engagement software, announces it has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. Through an integration with the LinkedIn Matched Audiences API, Engagio Orchestrate customers can now automate the targeting of specific audiences at key accounts through the buyer’s journey, saving time and money. For example, as an account moves from Awareness to Consideration to Customer and beyond in the buyer’s journey, accounts will automatically move to different campaigns with appropriate messaging without the need for manual import/export of audiences.

Purple Selects Rakuten Marketing to Provide Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Rakuten Marketing announced that Purple, a growing direct-to-consumer comfort product company, has selected Rakuten Marketing to drive its affiliate marketing strategy across the customer journey. Rakuten Marketing’s unique offering will allow the team at Purple to focus on the company’s rapid growth opportunity, while experts at Rakuten Marketing help develop Purple’s affiliate marketing program to best meet its business goals.

Google’s Private Web Browsing Promise Takes Shape; Embrace a “Cookie-free” Economy by 2022

Apple Safari was the first browser to implement ITP. Firefox had also decided to block third-party cookies. Now, Google Chrome is expected to follow these browsers by rendering third-party cookies obsolete.

Ada Transforming Customer Service Industry with Disruptive Automation-First Strategy

Ada, the market leader for Automated Customer Experience (ACX), is disrupting the customer service sector with a fundamentally new approach that brings an automation first strategy to drive cost savings and improved CSAT. Ada replicates manual behavior with machine learning freeing up expensive agents to pursue more meaningful, urgent tasks on behalf of customers. With Ada’s transformative approach to customer service, businesses are evolving their customer service departments from cost centers into profit centers.

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