emoji Exclusively Partners With RECUR to Bring the Iconic Brand to Web3

GM world, the emoji brand and RECUR are spreading positivity worldwide as the two brands announce they have partnered to bring the beloved icons to Web3. emojis are omnipresent in today’s world, and this partnership with RECUR will take the brand to even greater heights as they launch the inaugural emoji® brand NFT collection. “emoji forever: the first drop,” powered by RECUR, will include 2,222 PFPs of the beloved poo emoji® icon, from rainbow poo to sprinkle poo.

To make this launch larger than life, emoji company and RECUR have enlisted the help of one special poo emoji® brand icon named Barry Dingle. He’s the new poo on the block, and he thinks he’s the sh*t. Starting September 22, select fans will have the opportunity to join Barry Dingle and his community of sh*theads by purchasing a poo NFT.

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“Emojis in digital communication are a core element, from texting to Twitter, they bring joy to our days and fill our world with color and personality,” said RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch. “We’re thrilled to bring this expressive brand to life in Web3 with the introduction of official emoji® NFTs, going beyond letters and numbers, and lending a voice and personality to Web3 with the emoji icons our fans know, love, and use every day.”

“Friends, acquaintances, poopheads… welcome to my world!” said Barry Dingle. “It was about time the poo® got our moment in the spotlight, and now I can officially say, the real sh*t has arrived. Follow me on twitter @nftsareshitty where I’ll be dropping hints at what’s to come. Deuces.”

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As with previous launches, RECUR Pass Holders receive special access to RECUR’s extensive roster of licensed IP, which includes Nickelodeon, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, and its college sports NFT platform, NFTU, among others. Each Pass was programmatically generated, and its color is associated with the number or edition of the Pass, determining its rarity. RECUR Pass Holders will have quite an advantage for emoji forever: the first drop.

RECUR offers NFT holders a fully interoperable experience with multi-chain deposits and withdrawals for all of their NFT collections. Most recently, RECUR expanded to the Avalanche blockchain, offering a scalable, low cost, sustainable platform for smart contract development while using 35,000 times less energy than Ethereum. On RECUR, NFTs can be withdrawn to any Web3 wallet, including Avalanche, on any supported blockchain, enabling NFTs to seamlessly flow across Web 3.0 communities for a truly interoperable experience with emoji® forever: the first drop.

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