Innovid Partners with NCSolutions to Optimize Dynamic Creative Through Unique Purchase Data

New partnership helps CPG advertisers boost omnichannel creative optimization and delivery across CTV, digital video and display

Innovid Corp. an independent advertising platform for delivery, personalization and measurement of converged TV across linear, Connected TV (CTV) and digital announced a unique partnership with NCSolutions (NCS). The partnership empowers the CPG ecosystem to create and deliver more effective advertising with purchase-based audiences and sales measurement solutions.

Leveraging NCS’ purchase insights and Innovid’s proprietary dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and personalization technology, the partnership provides a new way for brands and agencies to optimize creative delivery and drive sales. Designed to help CPGs identify strategies and tactics that optimize ad campaign sales, NCS’ Purchase Data Metrics (PDM) are the industry’s most real-time, up-to-date and frequent purchase signals available in-market for CPG advertisers.

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“Historically, purchase signals have been well-known for audience targeting and post-campaign outcome-based measurement, leaving creative messaging use cases as an afterthought,” said Dan Mouradian, VP Global Client Solutions at Innovid. “With a combined offering that unifies NCS’ industry-leading PDM solution with our advanced DCO technology, CPG advertisers can now optimize their creative messaging strategies to drive deeper engagement and maximize incremental sales.”

Through this collaboration, Innovid advertisers can leverage real-time NCS data to shift DCO creative delivery based on in-store sales – a revolutionary way to enable always-on intelligence for data-driven DCO campaigns. CPG brands can now evaluate and optimize in-flight creative delivery against NCS’ Purchase Data Metrics, allowing them to improve their creative messaging strategies and drive in-store purchase for their products.

With announcement, NCS’ Purchase Data Metrics can now be used by Innovid customers to dynamically optimize and deliver campaigns.

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“We can now help advertisers optimize their creative executions in collaboration with Innovid,” said Dan Malmed, chief revenue officer at NCS. “Historically, CPG brands have had to wait until a campaign is over to understand the sales impact for their creative executions. Working with Innovid, advertisers can use real-time NCS purchase-based insights and optimize their creative at the most granular levels while the campaign is still in-flight. This is a powerful strategy to help increase their return on ad spend and improve the overall sales outcome of the campaign.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Innovid’s deep dive consumer CPG report examining critical trends, challenges, and opportunities in the video advertising industry.

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