Contactually CRM Report States “Bucket Theory” to Better Manage Contacts

Analysis of User Behavior Provides Guidance on How Agents Can Successfully Manage Their Accounts

Contactually, the real estate CRM of choice for many of the country’s top real estate brokerages, has released its 2018 CRM Usage Report which details how Contactually users successfully used the platform to manage their networks.

“We developed Contactually out of a desire to help people strengthen their business relationships,” said Zvi Band, CEO of Contactually. “By looking at 2018 user data and surveying active customers, we can see how our customers used the CRM to build successful connections.

Most salespeople and business professionals start using a CRM to get organized and work smarter. A database on its own is simply a collection of names. By dividing a network into segments such as with the Contactually Bucket system, users can better allocate time and resources to focus on the people that are most important to business development. Real estate agents and brokers surveyed reported that 27 percent of their network brings in business and referrals — when using a CRM, you can easily find and prioritize these individuals.

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On average, real estate agents spend more than 60 percent of their day away from their desks. Because of this, they can find following up with leads and existing customers difficult. While the majority of agents ranked responsiveness as very important, most felt they could be better at follow-up. Current clients require at least two attempts to get a response, while it may take four tries to reach a new lead.

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This need for effective follow-up is top of mind for brokers and technology managers. Keenly aware that 2019 will present a competitive market environment, these leaders expressed that having agents both develop stronger relationships and also keep up with new prospects are essential for continued success.

“Real estate agents are constantly adding to their networks,” added Band. “With all of that activity finding technology that doesn’t just keep contacts but actively monitors and surfaces relationships in need of attention is critical.”

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