Pub Ocean Partners with Prezna to Provide Revenue Attribution Tool for Publishers

LiveYield’s Ability to Connect Granular, Real-Time Revenue Data to Prezna’s Spend Data Provides a Real-Time Actionable P&L for Every Piece of Content

Pub Ocean, a technology company providing revenue-driven solutions for digital publishers, announced a new partnership with native advertising platform Prezna. Pub Ocean’s LiveYield, a real-time revenue analytics platform, will be integrated into Prezna’s content distribution technology. Through this partnership, Prezna’s customers will have direct access to revenue per session (RPS) tracking allowing publishers to make instant, revenue-driven decisions based on real-time content performance.

Digital publishers on Prezna will now have the visibility required to see which of their campaigns are profitable, and which aren’t, allowing them to have granular control of their profitability. By enabling digital publishers to see their revenue in real-time, LiveYield arms them with the information they need to make better media buying decisions that directly, and positively, affect revenue and scale as it relates to audience development.

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“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring even more value for publishers to Prezna. LiveYield is now putting a real-time dollar sign on the scalable native advertising campaigns Prezna clients have today,” said Chris Ingham Brooke, Founder & CEO of Pub Ocean. “Many publishers don’t realize that, even with the best content distribution strategies, they are missing key metrics that impact their ROI tremendously. Our partnership with Prezna helps to solve that marketplace gap.”

Without real-time revenue data, publishers are unable to optimize their audience development strategies to the best of their abilities. They have to settle on operating at a lower performance. LiveYield provides the level of granularity needed to inform better media buying strategies in real time, arming digital publishers with the data they need and ultimately increasing usership of Prezna’s platform.

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Prezna is used by hundreds of digital publishers to scale their native advertising content on Outbrain, Taboola,, RevContent and Yahoo Gemini. Pub Ocean, via LiveYield, will provide Prezna with very detailed and granular real-time revenue analytics of those campaigns, allowing their clients to track ROI in real-time at a granular level.

“The ability to provide our customers with a more holistic view of their ROI was a major driver for the LiveYield integration,” said Roman Romanuk, CEO of Prezna. “When we saw the capabilities LiveYield was able to deliver to our users, it was a no brainer. The ultimate goal for both ourselves and Pub Ocean is to provide publishers with the most efficient experience to inform and drive revenue back to their business.”

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