MoEngage Introduces Two Products to Help Marketers Create Hyper-Personalized Digital Experiences

MoEngage, the Intelligent Marketing Automation Platform, launched two new products at #GROWTH19 Conference. They launched MoEngage Analytics, an industry-first product that lets marketers run & optimize their campaigns in one place and On-Site Messaging that lets marketers craft consistent and personalized messages on their websites.

MoEngage Analytics isn’t just another Analytic tool. Marketers have to switch between multiple tools and constantly follow up with other teams to measure and improve their campaigns. This is not only time consuming, but data is also lost while transitioning between multiple tools and teams.

MoEngage Analytics lets marketers analyze data, create multi-channel campaigns, measure results and optimize – all from within the same screen.

“Marketers want the ability to identify specific user segments that are dropping off and instantly take action by sending a personalized communication to retain those users. Till now, marketers were forced to spend time moving back and forth between their marketing platform and analytics tools – while users continued to drop off,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO of MoEngage. “With MoEngage Analytics we want to empower marketers to rapidly iterate, improve and personalize their marketing campaigns.”

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Carrying forward the theme of personalization, MoEngage also launched On-Site Messaging product, that lets marketers deliver consistent and personalized messages to website visitors.

“Most marketers just deliver the same message to all website visitors in the form of pop-ups. As a result, customers see different messages across email, app and web channels from the same brand. But today’s customers expect a consistently personal experience and brands that deliver generic one-size fits all experience miss out,” said Nalin Goel, VP Products at MoEngage. “With On-Site Messaging, marketers can deliver consistently personalized messages across email, sms, app and website to their users.”

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“We choose to work with MoEngage for their innovative product roadmap. At Treebo Hotels, we keep pushing boundaries and setting new standards when it comes to customer experience. We needed a partner like MoEngage who invests in product innovation that enables us to stay ahead,” said Rana Vishal Singh, Head of Marketing at Treebo Hotels. “We have been beta users of MoEngage Analytics and On-Site Messaging Products and I must say that early results have been encouraging. The team at MoEngage is open to any feedback and quick to act on it. I am excited by their product roadmap and look forward to partnering with them to further enhance our customer experience.”

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