Omnisend Research: Business Adopting Omnichannel Strategy Enjoy 90% Higher Customer Retention Rate

Omnisend Research Shows That E-Commerce Marketers Adopting an Omnichannel Strategy with Three or More Channels Are Seeing a 90% Higher Customer Retention Rate Than Those Who Are Not

Omnisend, omnichannel marketing automation platform for E-Commerce, released new research on the effect of the number of channels used by a brand on customer relationship.

Results favored using an omnichannel campaign for E-Commerce: when an E-Commerce brand used three or more channels in an automation workflow campaign, that campaign outperformed two-channel and single-channel campaigns in engagement and purchase rate by 250%. This data shows that adding just one more channel, like Facebook Messenger, Google retargeting ads, WhatsApp, etc can drastically improve a campaign’s engagement.

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On top of purchasing more often, customers who experience omnichannel marketing campaigns were more loyal. Upon studying brands that regularly use three or more channels in their marketing automation campaigns, customer retention was 90% higher for these E-Commerce stores.

Not only were customers who engaged with omnichannel campaigns more likely to return, but they were likely to spend more too. Customers who engaged in campaigns using 3-4 channels spent on average 13% more than customers who engaged in just one or two channels.

CEO of Omnisend, Rytis Lauris, had this comment: “This data validates the reason we began to focus on omnichannel marketing in the first place. This is what customers want, and omnichannel marketing isn’t the future of E-Commerce, it’s the here and now. Merchants who want to get the most of their marketing should begin integrating more channels into their marketing mix.”

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To gather this data, Omnisend studied the purchase rate of customers who engaged in campaigns using three or more channels versus customers of brands only using two or less.

Key Omnisend customers selected for this study were analyzed based on purchase frequency, amount, and campaign engagement. Omnisend notes that more E-Commerce brands are adding several channels to their automated workflows to better respond to customer needs.

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