Ping Post Calls 2.0: Phonexa Reinvents Lead Distribution with New Solution Benefitting Publishers, Buyers & Affiliate Networks

Marketing automation platform Phonexa is reinventing how businesses build strategies around real-time call bidding across all five lead flows with Ping Post Calls 2.0, the latest integration and solution within the company’s all-in-one marketing suite.

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Ping Post Calls 2.0 is distinctly designed to benefit Publishers, Buyers and Affiliate Networks who leverage quality call leads through Call Logic, Phonexa’s best-in-class call tracking and distribution platform.

Ping Post Calls are the process of pinging multiple lead buyers with customer information, then allowing each buyer to automatically put in a bid for the call, resulting in the call being matched with the highest bidder. This basic sequence and model has only supported Buyers-side Ping Post Calls — until now.

Ping Post Calls 2.0 has introduced a new strategy by allowing Publishers to work with Buyers that not only supports dynamic pricing, but also incorporates components like dynamic duration to sell, and dynamic buyer phone numbers. With Ping Post Calls 2.0, Phonexa now helps Publishers bid in the lead journey on only the best call data attributes in the marketplace.

“The industry as a whole needed to rethink how Ping Post Calls served clients, so we decided to be a first-mover in the field in order to vastly improve call leads across all five flows. Ping Post Calls 2.0 surpasses even the most complex Ping Post models that already exist today,” said David Gasparyan, President of Phonexa.

“In today’s competitive SaaS landscape, different companies have different definitions of what Ping Post Calls are. This perception often translates to basic calls with data functionality. But most commonly, clients of our competitors need to build custom functionality on top of their SaaS platform capabilities in order to accomplish what Phonexa’s Ping Post Calls 2.0 already accomplishes.”

Here’s how the market-leading call tracking technology with Ping Post Calls 2.0 is even more powerful today, as it enables transparency and strategic spending, specifically within insurance, home service, and financial sectors, among other verticals.

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Ping Post Calls 2.0 for Publishers: 

  • Sell leads for the highest price
  • Increase accept and sell rates, and decrease return rates to satisfy Buyers
  • Yield maximum pricing, profitability, and earnings per lead (EPL)

Ping Post Calls 2.0 for Buyers & Direct Advertisers:

  • Refine lead buying strategies to increase conversions and sales
  • Precisely spend budget on leads with higher propensity to convert into sales
  • Keep consistent opportunities for sales, and create dynamic bidding structures based on availability, load and volume
  • Increase real-time control and informed decision making
  • Attain crucial consumer data before leads purchase

Ping Post Calls 2.0 for Affiliate Networks:

  • Satisfy Publishers and Buyers with quality lead flows
  • Filter buying strategy to increase conversions and sales
  • Create seamless customer journey with more real quality calls

Ping Post Calls 2.0 also now supports all five lead flows and touchpoints that leads encounter along the lead distribution journey.

Lead Flow #1: Data collected by IVR
Lead Flow #2: Data is pinged before the call with the caller’s phone number
Lead Flow #3: Data is pinged before the call, without the caller’s phone number
Lead Flow #4: Call with applications and no bidding
Lead Flow #5: Pinging based on agent availability

Phonexa also has a suite of bundled products in lead tracking (LMS Sync), click tracking (Lynx), email and SMS (E-Delivery / Opt-Intel), cloud phone system (Cloud PBX) and automated accounting (Books360) which additionally supports more complex and dynamic Ping Post lead flows for calls.

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