Talla Introduces Industry’s First Customer in the Loop Training Dashboard for Support Automation

Customer and Agent interactions ensure data quality in training AI-based system to achieve high customer response accuracy

Talla, a leader in AI-powered support automation, unveiled the industry’s first customer-in-the-loop training dashboard for customer support automation. The Talla Training Dashboard enables users to easily add, qualify and share responses to customer inquiries to collectively advance the intelligence of the Talla customer support system. The new dashboard compiles and annotates quality data from customer and agent interactions saving time and minimizing costs to increase support rep productivity by 20 percent. The Talla Training Dashboard is available now for current customers.

“Labeling data is an important part of machine learning. Most tools use an external third party service to label and annotate data, but this introduces both quality and security risks.  With Talla’s Training Dashboard, the support agents who use Talla day-to-day can quickly and easily train Talla to be smarter and more helpful, just like they would train a human employee. This is more accurate and more secure than sending it off to third parties for labeling. With the Talla Training Dashboard – the industry’s first customer-in-the-loop dashboard, companies as a whole gain and keep critical tribal knowledge,” said Rob May, CEO, Talla. “The Talla Training Dashboard is a breakthrough system that uses a workflow-based approach to ensure organizations can efficiently label data from all employees and subject matter experts to deliver high customer satisfaction and fast resolution times.”

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The Talla Training Dashboard is a personalized action area that allows authorized users to improve machine learning models by showing daily training activities that help advance an organization’s customer support goals. Contributors to the system can simultaneously bulk train Talla, helping fill knowledge gaps, define missing glossary items and understand entities. Users across an organization benefit from the Talla Training Dashboard:

  • Admins – Admins get a dedicated dashboard to check-in with customers that were helped to determine the overall accuracy of responses. In addition, admins get access to analytical functions to quickly gauge the level of information being tracked and its overall health.
  • Trainers – Subject matter experts can easily view metrics based on their contributions to the Talla platform and track assigned questions that require their expertise.
  • Content Creators – Content Creators can view all requested training items in one place that need to be completed. Content creation can be easily spread across a whole organization with only five assigned tasks per day given to each individual, so they are not overwhelmed.

“Talla has made our support reps significantly more productive since we started using it three months ago,” said David Snow, Support Enablement Manager at Toast. Now, Talla can answer over 90 percent of questions, which translated to a 10 percent reduction in handle time and 25 percent more tickets answered per rep each week.”

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Integrated with the AI-powered Talla platform that includes Customer Assist, Support Rep Assist, and Knowledge Assist, Talla provides businesses with the ability to enhance the customer experience by automating chat- and web-based support with over 93% accuracy. With the availability of the Talla Training Dashboard, organizations can retain and capitalize on the company’s entire collective knowledge base to provide a more accurate, faster and cost-effective customer support experience.

Talla integrates with a support team’s existing systems and workflows to build machine learning models of common tasks, answer common support questions, and make every rep more productive with the most accurate AI-powered performance on the market. Talla works with Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, GitHub, Jira, and more.

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