Cloud-Based SaaS Provider Business Warrior Discusses Corporate Developments and Plans for Growth

Recent acquisitions allow the company to acquire larger, multiple-location customers while building a monthly recurring SaaS revenue model

Business Warrior Corp., a global leader in lending and marketing software empowering business growth, issued an update today regarding recent corporate developments and the company’s plans for future growth. Business Warrior will focus on expanding end-to-end lending and marketing services to lenders.

Jonathon Brooks, President of Business Warrior, said, “At the financial level, our focus remains in shifting our model to monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and increasing positive EBITDA milestones. By synergizing MRR services across Business Warrior, Helix, and Alchemy products, the launch of PayPlan, an all-in-one lending solution, will be a more scalable and cost-efficient product.”

Acquiring Alchemy’s processes and employees is integral to Business Warrior’s trajectory. Helix House and Alchemy produce monthly recurring revenue, one of the essential metrics for financial growth. By integrating Helix House and Alchemy and their existing monthly recurring revenue models, Business Warrior has decreased costs and improved its EBITDA.

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Mr. Brooks added, “Our goal was to expand Alchemy’s business model from a one-time custom development revenue that relied on projects into a recurring software model for existing and future new clients. By innovating Alchemy’s operating model, we reduced operating expenses and turned focus into reallocating resources for long-term client growth.”

Gartner Group expects worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services to reach a record $592 billion next year, representing a 21 percent increase in annual growth compared with $490 billion in 2022. The Software as a Service (SaaS) Market is estimated to exceed $380 billion at a CAGR of 17.3% by 2030. Gartner projects cloud application SaaS spending to reach $195 billion next year, up 17 percent compared with 2022. The expected majority of growth comes from small to medium-sized businesses as they leverage the benefits of SaaS pricing models to expand their footprints in new markets.

Business Warrior’s integrated platform combines advertising performance, financial data, and funding as a critical source of success and growth for business owners. Business Warrior’s experience consists of working with more than 25,000 business owners through its cloud-based marketing and lending platforms since its inception in 2014. The company’s customer base is foundational to building momentum in the lending industry. Business Warrior’s software has deployed loans to over 300,000 people worth $100 million, creating turnkey all-in-one lending solutions to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes. With Business Warrior’s technology, companies can expand their profits by offering financial products they need to reach sustainable success – all from within the software.

“The combination of these powerful teams has opened incredible opportunities to strengthen the heart of our company leading Business Warrior to create unique new solutions for customers. The company’s focus on the recurring revenue model ensures that the customer can predict cash flow and generate sustainable profit margins for the business. The near future is inspiring for us right now,” said Rhett Doolittle, Chief Executive Officer of Business Warrior.

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