InMobi Exchange Becomes the First Mobile Supply-Side Platform to Integrate with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink

Partnership Enhances Cookieless Targeting and Measurement Across In-App and Mobile

InMobi, the world’s leading marketing cloud, announced its integration with LiveRamp IdentityLink, a privacy-conscious people-based identifier. Through this partnership, marketers will be able to reach their consumers beyond desktop to mobile web and in-app on InMobi Exchange; there are also plans to extend the integration across connected TV (CTV) environments. InMobi Exchange is the first mobile supply-side platform (SSP) to integrate with IdentityLink.

IdentityLink helps resolve hundreds of identifiers for individuals to a real person while respecting and upholding the highest standards of ethical data use. It is embedded across the ecosystem and enables true people-based marketing: marketers can target one-to-one at scale and accurately attribute the effectiveness of their media investments.

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The offering will help marketers and demand-side platforms (DSPs) to access supply through InMobi Exchange for omnichannel buys in the U.S. and across the globe, so they can leverage privacy-first data and frequency caps across premium inventory sources. The partnership will also drive efficiency in targeting by cutting down opportunity loss, ensuring that marketers can match user data across platforms.

“Accurate cross-channel targeting and measurement have long been pain points for marketers and that’s especially the case today in light of advancements in both technology and consumer privacy protection. Through our partnership with LiveRamp, marketers can now run closed-loop measurement and optimization for their cross-channel campaigns on InMobi Exchange,” said InMobi’s Prajwal Barthur, Head of Product, Marketplace and Connected TV.

According to a recent App Annie report, U.S. consumers are spending an average of 3.7 hours on their smartphone every day and app usage accounts for over 75% of that time. As such, in-app has become a crucial marketing channel for engaging consumers across desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps.

“As the time spent in-app grows exponentially, it underscores the need for marketers to unify inventory across all channels and devices, while driving better yields and return-on-ad-spend,” said Travis Clinger, Senior Vice President of Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp. “Further, the future of digital marketing is an open, independent and collaborative ecosystem built on trust. The only way we can achieve this is by banding together with partners, like InMobi, to adopt alternative, people-first solutions.”

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“With identity emerging as the key issue for digital marketing, our customers are asking us for solutions that cut across the ecosystem. We’ve adopted LiveRamp IdentityLink and are thrilled that InMobi has partnered to make this available on their exchange,” remarked Ari Paparo, CEO, Beeswax.

“The promise of InMobi Exchange has always been to provide marketers with the safest premium-buying opportunities in the app-based ecosystem while ensuring user privacy. As such, InMobi remains committed to advancing the adoption of neutral, open and interoperable identity solutions like IdentityLink across the wider ecosystem through close collaboration with LiveRamp, Beeswax and others,” added Kunal Nagpal, GM, Publisher Platforms and Exchange at InMobi.

The partnership delivers a number of publisher benefits as well. Specifically, publishers with in-app and display or mobile web inventory can now connect their different inventory types to IdentityLink. As a result, marketers can buy on a consistent identifier that is portable across platforms and the different channels that a publisher owns. Publishers are also able to provide enhanced measurement capabilities to marketers; marketers can measure the return-on-ad-spend of a publisher’s inventory regardless of channel.

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