ProTexting Introduces Holiday and After Hours SMS Auto-Replies

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Text messaging provider ProTexting is introducing a new feature to help clients better serve their customers: Holiday and After Hours Smart SMS Autoresponders. These are automated messages that inform customers that a business is closed for the day or on vacation.

ProTexting is adding a new feature for clients using their SMS messaging services: Holiday and After Hours Autoresponders. An SMS autoresponder (AR) is an automated message that is sent to customers. The message is triggered when a customer sends a text to the business.

ProTexting CTO Petar Kassov explains, “Autoresponders are helpful for providing your customers with any kind of important information. Holiday and After Hours Auto-Responders will let customers know that your business is closed for vacation or just closed for the day. You can select an appropriate message that tells people the dates you’ll be closed and when you’re reopening. This helps prevent miscommunication, such as customers coming to your business only to find the doors locked.”

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Autoresponders are often used in email marketing, but they are equally useful for text messaging. This new feature can be used for all types of businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, medical practices, salons, online businesses, churches, political campaigns, or anything else. Here are some features and uses for this new Auto-Responders:

●  Your customers activate an Auto-Responders by texting you a prearranged SMS KEYWORD. A restaurant, for example, might have customers text the word DINNER to receive a coupon for a free entree. If you are closed for renovations, they can receive a message telling them when you are reopening.
●  Share alternative contact info. You can do more than simply say you’re closed or on vacation. You may want to provide your website URL, social media pages, or another contact number for emergencies.
●  Use the Holiday and After Hours Auto-Responders in conjunction with other automated messages. You can send customers one message when you are open, and the After Hours message when you aren’t.
●  Support for other apps and features on our platform, such as short URLs, data tags, and emojis.
●  Holidays and After Hours Auto-Responders can be set up dynamically by choosing a date range. If you know when you’re going to be closed, you can program the dates in advance.

The Auto-Responders can be tailored to the needs of each business.

Kassov adds, “This feature is perfect for customers of ZipWhip, which is a popular SMS service that is closing down soon. Many of their customers are used to having convenient features such as autoresponders. With ProTexting, you can make a seamless switch and enjoy the same convenience.”

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